Internships (commercial law, business studies)

Wedemark, Germany

As a medium-sized family business, it is important to us to make contributions in and for the society in which we live. For us, this also includes providing internships, such as those that are mandatory in schools and internships. In doing so, we provide our interns with deep insights into company processes and put a lot of commitment and heart and soul into giving them a valuable learning and development experience. We offer the following internship opportunities in the area of sales / marketing:

Compulsory internships and final theses (Bachelor/Master)

In internships, usually lasting three to six months, you will receive systematic insights into company processes and the learning experience required in the context of your mandatory internship. Thematically, we can offer internships in the fields of business law, business administration, marketing, design and layout and comparable courses of study.

In principle, it is also possible to offer bachelor and master thesis topics and to accompany these degrees - if necessary also as a second examiner. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*** Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir ausschließlich unentgeltliche Praktikumsstellen (in der Regel Pflichtpraktika) für 3 Monate anbieten Nach drei Monaten können wir uns gemeinsam für ein weiteres Praktikum entscheiden. Dieses wird dann stets vergütet. ***

Your benefit

Practical experience in a medium-sized company with innovative and outstanding products and employees


Experience the professional world in a special team of a family business that has grown over decades.

Option Final Thesis

If you are interested and qualified, we can offer you exciting topics for your thesis (Bachelor's or Master's degree) - and corresponding support.