[ 8662-SET ] Goniometrie-Set
Goniometrie-Set zur Erfassung von Winkeländerungen, bestehend aus:
1 St. Sensor Finger F35
1 St. Sensor Ellenbogen SG110
1 St. Sensor Handgelenk gr.
1 St. Sensor Hüfte & Knie SG150
2 St. Goniometrie-Sensor-Adapter
7,050.00 € 7050.0 EUR
[ 8568 ] FlexComp Infiniti - System
The top model in the Infiniti product line: 10 freely assignable fast channels, ideal not only for multi-sensor EMG applications and research/analysis projects
6,999.00 € 6999.0 EUR
[ 8519-Group ] Spezial-PC-System Biofeedback-Gruppenlösung
This specially configured PC system enables you to conduct a biofeedback training with up to four people at the same time with a single biofeedback device and to accompany it competently and reliably. Each patient receives his own biofeedback monitor and centrally controlled audio feedback via headphones. The treating / accompanying specialist has all four trainers and their development / values on the own control monitor at any time in view and can intervene regulatingly and individually whenever necessary. (exclusive biofeedback system and sensors)
4,500.00 € 4500.0 EUR
[ 8570 ] ProComp INFINITI (8-Kanal-System)
The ProComp Infiniti is an eight channel system for highly flexible measurement of physiological data and corresponding biofeedback. The Infiniti system includes the BioGraph Infiniti software and is extremely flexible and powerful... Every single one of the eight channels can be used with any given available sensor. The system i.e. works with 8x EMG or also eight diffferent sensors - easily.
4,450.00 € 4450.0 EUR
[ 8713 ] ProComp5 (5-channel system) in blue equipment bag
The ProComp5 Infiniti™ offers an inbetween solution within our biofeedback systems family: Our 8 channel ProComp Infiniti™ or the 10 channel FlexComp Infiniti™ on the one side and the 2 channel ProComp2™ system as a starting solution.
3,464.00 € 3464.0 EUR
[ 8648-SET ] Torsiometrie-Set
Torsiometrie-Set zur Erfassung von Drehbewegungen, bestehend aus:
- 1 St. Sensor Unterarm Q110
- 1 St. Sensor Unterarm Q150
- 1 St. Bend-Adapter
2,600.00 € 2600.0 EUR
[ T9850US ] Myotrac Infiniti mit BioGraph und Rehab-Suite
MyoTrac Infiniti wurde entwickelt, um Ihnen bei Muskelregeneration, Rehabilitation und Inkontinenz zu helfen.
Mit MyoTrac Infiniti-Systemen können Sie hochauflösende Elektromyographie (SEMG) und elektrische Stimulation (STIM) in einer Vielzahl von Konfigurationen messen. Der MyoTrac Infiniti unterscheidet sich auf zwei verschiedene Arten von der Konkurrenz. SEMG-getriggerte Stimulation (ETS). SEMG wird verwendet, um Stimulation auszulösen, um Patienten zu helfen, Muskelgruppen zu verbessern. Diese Kombination von drei Modalitäten verbessert Behandlungsmöglichkeiten und eliminiert die Anforderungen für mehrere Geräte.
2,516.70 € 2516.7 EUR
[ 8573-SET ] Kraftmessung-Force-Basis-Paket
Kraftmessung-Basis-Paket zur Erfassung von Andruckkraft mit unterschiedlicher Sensitivität, bestehend aus:
2 St. Force Sensor Adapter
6 St. Mess-Streifen (0-1 lb, 0-25 lb, 0-100 lb), jeweils 2fach
2,500.00 € 2500.0 EUR
[ 9975 ] eVu TPS Biofeedbacksystem + Synergy Solution Suite
Die Synergy-Lösung verwendet die eVu TPS-Fingersensoren, um auf die Herzfrequenzvariabilität, die Erregung und die Temperatur jedes Benutzers zuzugreifen. Von dort aus können wir sehen, wie sie sich fühlen, ob sie sich engagieren und wie wir ihnen am besten helfen können.
2,499.00 € 2499.0 EUR
[ TPS-BI-Set ] 3-Kanal-Biofeedbacksystem Bluetooth TPS-BioGraph
Wireless biofeedback system with three integrated sensors: Skin conductance, temperature and pulse can be derived quickly and easily via the Bluetooth sensor TPS eVU-Sense and used with the professional BioGraph Infiniti software and the specially developed DeStress-Solution software module for analysis and biofeedback. The optimal entry-level system for biofeedback training: highly professional technology and software in one package at an incredibly low entry price.
1,999.00 € 1999.0 EUR
[ 8564 ] ProComp2 (2 channel system) in grey jewelcase
The ProComp2 is a compact yet powerful two-channel system for biofeedback and neurofeedback. Up to two sensors can always be connected to the ProComp2 encoder. The following physiologies can be derived: EMG, respiration, pulse, skin conductance, temperature, HEG, EEG, EEG-Z (optional: additional sensors required). The ProComp2 has a built-in EEG sensor.
1,999.00 € 1999.0 EUR
[ 8679-SET ] SCP-Set für BioGraph Infiniti (inkl. Sensoren + SCP-Suite deutsch)
SET solution for performing SCP derivations and training with BioGraph Infiniti. Requires ProComp5/ProComp Infiniti encoder. This set consists of 1x EEG-Z3 sensor, 1x TT-AV-Sync sensor for exact time synchronization, 1x pushbutton, TTL-SCP-Suite (German). Additional accessories are required for SCP leads, which can be purchased separately (ProComp encoder, EEG-Z sensor for detecting eye movements and other components). We would be pleased to advise you.

Translated with
1,942.40 € 1942.4 EUR
[ 8778 ] EEG-Ableitungs-Set 2-Kanäle mono/bipolar [SINTER-System komplett]
This is a complete lead set for 1 and 2 channel EEG leads with BioGraph Infiniti, suitable for all ProComp encoders. It includes: 2x EEG-Z sensors with integrated impedance check mode, 2x PP-to-DIN connection cable, 2x ear electrodes, 4x sintered bridge electrodes, 6x EEG-DIN connection cables (50cm long), 2x Y-cable, 1x X-cable (for linked ear connections), 0-rings with guide rod for changing the disposable cotton pads, 1 package of electrode covers (consumables), 1x special Velcro cover for elegant electrode placement for any head size

1,744.70 € 1744.7 EUR
[ 9976 ] Synergy Suite + BioGraph Infinti
Softwarepaket mit BioGraph Infiniti Lizenz zur Anwendung mit aktuell zwei TPS-Sensoren z.B. zur Gruppentherapie / Parallelbehandlung von zwei Klienten. Zeichnet Hautleitwert, Temperatur, Herzrate/Herzratenvariabilität auf und kann auch Atmung mit erfassen.
1,499.00 € 1499.0 EUR
[ 9209 ] DeStress Solution
Artikel enthält die DeStress Suite zur Ergänzung der BioGraph Infiniti 6.6. Ein TPS3-Sensor ist im Lieferumfang nicht enthalten.
1,498.90 € 1498.9 EUR
[ 8873 ] TT-pIR-HEG-Sensor-System
The TT-pIR HEadGear features two highly accurate passive infrared (pIR) sensors in a wide-range, dual configuration providing stable and reliable measurements. The lightweight, ergonomic design provides maximum comfort and an open concept that greatly reduces ambient temperature dependence and stabilization time.
Comes equipped with TT-pIR Mini-Suite software for monitoring, training and follow-up.
1,498.90 € 1498.9 EUR
[ 8717A-SET ] HEG sensor for elegant neurofeedback using NIRS technology
HEG-based Neurofeedback is the easy and convincing way of neurofeedback. No site preparations, immediate sensor placement and launching the session are spot-on. Artefacts are also rare in HEG - which saves time usually spent on artefacting in EEG based neurofeedback. Clients usually understand particularly swiftly what they are supposed in this training setup. System consists of a sensor that works with any Infiniti encoder and comes with a free software package for one encoder of choice.
1,490.00 € 1490.0 EUR
[ 8647 ] Tele-Infiniti CF - Funkübertragungsmodul
Tele-Infiniti CF ist a telemetry option for ProComp5 Infiniti, ProComp Infiniti and
FlexComp Infiniti encoder. When using wireless Tele-Infiniti CF, you do not need the fibre optic cable and the corresponding USB adapter in between computer and encoder.
1,195.00 € 1195.0 EUR
[ 8882 ] Lokohelp-Suite für ProComp Infiniti
Softwarepaket for gait training using BioGraph Infiniti / ProComp Infiniti. This software package includes solutions forup to 8 EMG- and force sensors that help monitor and train gait performance. Application is usually done in combination with the LOKOHELP system, for which this software package was specially designed. The software package is available either in German or English. Individual adjustment and instructions on site are strongly recommended as additional services.
1,148.00 € 1148.0 EUR
[ NEURO-P5 ] NEURO-Softwaremodul für ProComp5/ BioGraph Infiniti
The NEURO module for ProComp 5/BioGraph Infiniti provides a comprehensive set of analysis, training and evaluation screens for all common neurofeedback applications. In addition to more than 90 screens, a total of 9 protocols are included, including several HEG and EEG protocols. As a special addition to this software module, you will also receive a permanent free license for the first of the ten ZUKOR-SPORT feedback games on demand.

999.00 € 999.0 EUR