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[ 2040-Set ] Wahrnehmungs-Trennschärfe-Set (WTT/WWTT)
350.00 € 350.00 € 350.0 EUR
2 Phoneme discrimination tests set for testing speech comprehension in noise
Consist of:
- Phoneme Discrimination Test (PDT)
- WPDT (Wedemark Phoneme Discrimination Test (computer program)
- MT-HS-801 headset solution
[ 6821 ] AES - Artikulations-Evaluations-Software
198.00 € 198.00 € 198.0 EUR

ISBN 978-3-932659-34-8
[ 6825-V03 ] WWTT 3.x - Test- und Trainingssoftware-Version multilingual (CD-ROM)
99.00 € 99.00 € 99.0 EUR
Analysis and training software for perception selectivity / sound differentiation

This article covers the license for ONE language. With the test function of the computer program WWTT, an objective perceptual discriminatory test is possible even at pre-school age. The client hears the six plosive sounds in combination with a vowel (ba, da, ga, ...) in a random order with 10 occurrences each and repeats them as quickly as possible into a microphone. The test leader documents errors via the computer keyboard. Correctness and speed are taken into account in the evaluation.
Already since version 2.0 the abbreviation WWTT as Wedemärker Wahrnehmungs-Trennschärfe-Test rightly carries the addition "and Trainer". The program has an extensive training function, which has been significantly expanded since version 3.1.
[ 6806 ] Diktate spielerisch vorbereiten - CD-ROM
75.00 € 75.00 € 75.0 EUR
ISBN 978-3-932659-08-9
[ 6815 ] AUTRIS 2 computer audio game for the enhancement of auditory perception
49.00 € 49.00 € 49.0 EUR
AUTRIS-2 is a new, challenging computer game for the improvement of language competence. This game is based on a psycho-acoustic concept. However, AUTRIS-2 is more aimed at improving listening, speaking and speaking skills. Depending on the age and training status of the user, 50 different levels of difficulty can be selected. Training with AUTRIS-2 is therefore suitable for every user, especially for the improvement of the most essential sub-functions of the central automation skills. Improvement of: Attention, differentiation, selection, direction determination, pattern recognition, pitch discrimination