[ 8016-CD-DE ] "Hifino" 2CDs German
30.80 € 30.80 € 30.8 EUR
CD: "My friend, the Hifino: 6 exciting and message-laden stories of the friendly and helpful Hifino. Recorded in artificial head stereo, primarily discussed on the right side for optimal use in lateral hearing training according to Warnke.
[ 2256 ] 28 Lachgeschichten-Leseaufbau-Doppel-CD
30.80 € 30.80 € 30.8 EUR
Die kurzen, sprachlich einfachen Geschichten sollen erst einmal wirklich nur zum Lachen sein. Sie können aber auch die Phantasie von Kindern ab 6 Jahren anregen, die lustigen, komischen oder ganz verrückten Situationen weiter auszuspinnen.
[ 2319 ] Babsi, Tobi und Co. - CDs
47.40 € 47.40 € 47.4 EUR
What mice can do and what they do, one should not think possible. Playing basketball is still the most harmless!
In 21 child-oriented, lovingly told stories, young and old listeners alike quickly make friends with the main characters Babsi, Tobi and Felix and other characters. Many stories from life on 3 CD's.
[ 8014-CD-GB ] Bo and friends - CD (English version)
18.80 € 18.80 € 18.8 EUR
Bo and friends - six short stories about little Bo and his friends - CD recorded in dummyhead stereophony for optimal auditory lateral training. Textbook with identical wording is available separately.
[ 2240-DE ] CD "Einsicht ins Warnke-Verfahren" mit Wahrnehmungstrennschärfetest WTT nach Warnke
35.00 € 35.00 € 35.0 EUR
Audio-CD mit 24 Tracks. Beinhaltet Fachbeiträge zur menschlichen Hörentwicklung vom Fötus zum Kleinkind (gesprochen von Fred Warnke, untermalt mit zahlreichen Hörbeispielen). Beinhaltet zusätzlich den Wahrnehmungstrennschärfetest nach Warnke (WTT: "Efi-Eki-Test"). Dieser Test ist ansonsten auch im AUDIO4LAB-Trainingsgerät als Add-On enthalten. Die Tracks 23 und 24 bieten zusätzlich als Störgeräusche für Hörtraining Klassenraumstörgeräusche und Stimmengewirr.
[ 2247-CD-DE ] CD "Gi-em-aus" - sinnfreies Textmaterial zum sicheren Leseerwerb
18.00 € 18.00 € 18.0 EUR
Audio-CD mit sechs sinnfreien Texten, langsam gesprochen (ca. 40 Wörter pro Minute). Gleichlautendes Textbuch (Booklet) bietet in der Kombination von CD und Text vor allem unter Verwendung des Lateral-Trainings eine exzellente Grundlage für den sicheren Leseerwerb.
[ 8014-CD-DE ] CD "Lesen lernen mit Bo und seinen Freunden
18.00 € 18.00 € 18.0 EUR
Die CD "Bo im Eis" enthält sechs Geschichten für den Erstlese-Erwerb. Verwendung in Kombination mit dem dazugehörigen Textbuch ist empfohlen. Aufgenommen in besonders räumlicher Kunstkopstereophonie (rechtsohrig), vor allem in Verbindung mit Lateral-Training sehr gut nutzbar.
[ 8011-SET ] CD "Relax with the Classics" Set, Volume 1 bis 4
65.50 € 65.50 € 65.5 EUR
CD "Relax with the Classics" Set, Volume 1 bis 4
[ 8011A ] CD "Relax with the Classics", Largo - Volume 1
19.50 € 19.50 € 19.5 EUR
Ursprünglich vom Lind-Institut in San Francisco mit konzipiert, bietet diese CD die Grundlage für ein wirklich erfolgreiches Entspannungstraining
[ 2265-DE ] CD zum Mehrspurigen Denken ("Mehrspur-CD") DEUTSCH
18.00 € 18.00 € 18.0 EUR
ISBN: 3-9326-59-07-4
[ 8011E ] CD-Set "Relax with the Classics", Health and Wellness
38.50 € 38.50 € 38.5 EUR
Doppel-CD aus der Reihe "Relax with the Classics" - Bach am Morgen, Händel am Abend... Ideal für Entspannung und Konzentrationsförderung
[ 2140 ] Children's Song CD
15.10 € 15.10 € 15.1 EUR
Children's song CD "Sing mit" for 5-7 year olds.
41.00 € 41.00 € 41.0 EUR
This 1-hour training recording focuses on the complex disorders of fibromyalgia, chronic pain and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Dr. Swingle will discuss his assessment and training of such disorders using his ClinicalQ assessment (formerly QuickQ assessment) and the BrainDryvr training method and QEEG assessment for TBI. The presentation will discuss the symptoms and characteristic patterns associated with each disorder. These characteristics are often considered as separate, distinct topics when they are strongly related in reality.

This recording is ideal for healthcare professionals who use Dr. Swingle's ClinicalQ & BrainDryvr method and who wish to learn about each marker that contributes to the severity of each disorder. This presentation also touches on the use of harmonics as an accompanying treatment.
102.00 € 102.00 € 102.0 EUR
This package of 3 recordings of home studies provides an introduction to the effective use of neurofeedback in the assessment and treatment of various psychophysiological disorders. These three recordings are suitable for psychologists, physicians, therapists, and all clinicians who are currently using neurofeedback or plan to do so with their clients in a therapeutic setting. No previous knowledge of neurofeedback is required, but people with a beginner or intermediate experience can benefit from this package. Please note that the ClinicalQ assessment, as designed by Dr. Paul G. Swingle, is the primary tool and method discussed in these Neurofeedback Assessment records.

The three recordings included in this home study package are
- Dr. Swingle's attention problems in recording children
- Dr. Swingle's neurotherapeutic treatment of the sequences of emotional trauma recording
- Dr. Swingles recording of sleep disorders

After completing these three recordings from home study, the participants will be able to
- identify the practical application of ClinicalQ assessment for neurofeedback assessment.
- Interpret neurofeedback results from the ClinicalQ Assessent in identifying attention problems, ADHD, PTSD, trauma, pseudo recipients, sleep disorders and related conditions to the above disorders.
- Prepare a neurofeedback/neurotherapeutic training plan for altering the client's brainwaves to minimize behavior associated with attention problems, ADHD, trauma, pseudo-receptors, sleep disorders and related conditions to the above disorders.
- Identification of accompanying techniques that improve the successful outcomes of neurotherapeutic treatment of ADHD, trauma and sleep disorders.
[ 2316 ] Die schönsten Leselöwen-Geschichten - CDs
96.00 € 96.00 € 96.0 EUR
The stories in this book are as exciting and colorful as the world of reading lions. It is about clever ponies and tricky robbers, about spooky ghosts and monstrous monsters. But also about annoying siblings and eager sportsmen. There is a suitable story for everyone.6 CDs im Jewelcase.
[ 2247-CD-PL ] Gi-em-aus ("Kers-a-lig") - CD - PL-Version
18.00 € 18.00 € 18.0 EUR
Gi-em-aus ("Kers-a-lig") - CD - PL-Version
[ 8016-CD-GB ] Hifino CD, Englisch
30.80 € 30.80 € 30.8 EUR
Recorded in dummyhead stereophony for realistic 3D auditory perception, optimal for auditory lateral training. Six stories about little Hifino who is making the world a better place, using the powers of his magic set of headphones - article consists of 2 CDs.