[ 10020 ] Test set in a case for the Warnke test procedure (learning/attentiveness/hearing comprehension/automation)
699.00 € 699.00 € 699.0 EUR
Test set with the key elements of the Warnke Perception Analysis:
- (Nr. 8) Balancing rod
- (Nr. 9) Grapheme Reading Test (WLT)
- (Nr. 10) Short term memory test
- (Nr. 11a) PDT Phoneme Discrimination Test (vowel consonant vowel words) on CD
- (Nr. 11b) Wedemark Phoneme Selectivity Test WPST (ba-da-ga-ka-pa-ta) - computer programm
- (Nr. 12) Fixation objekt
- (Nr. 13) Lang-Stereo-Test II to analysis binocular vision and polarisation cross test with polarized glasses and backlight cross test solution
- (Nr. 14) visual spelling memory - test instructions

Central auditory processing skills (low-level functions - steps Nr. 1-7b are being assessed using the BASS software solution (screening of 3 functions) or the AUDIO4LAB Brain Audiometer (all 8 functions)
[ 2040-Set ] Wahrnehmungs-Trennschärfe-Set (WTT/WWTT)
350.00 € 350.00 € 350.0 EUR
2 Phoneme discrimination tests set for testing speech comprehension in noise
Consist of:
- Phoneme Discrimination Test (PDT)
- WPDT (Wedemark Phoneme Discrimination Test (computer program)
- MT-HS-801 headset solution
[ 8038 ] Farbfolien-Test "Teacher's Set" von Cerium
299.00 € 299.00 € 299.0 EUR
Mit diesem Farbfolien-Test lässt sich schnell und deutlich ermitteln, ob ein Leser mit einem bestimmten farblichen Hintergrund Schrift leichter und besser lesen kann. Dieser Testset enthält alle dafür erforderlichen Instruktionen, Dokumentationsunterlagen und Auswertungsschritte. Ferner sind alle erforderlichen Farbfolien ZWEIFACH auch für mögliche Folienkombinationen enthalten.
[ 2074-DE-V5 ] Manual for the extended test procedure according to Warnke (HaPA) - current version (Winfried Scholtz/Fred Warnke/Ralph Warnke)
199.00 € 199.00 € 199.0 EUR
The comprehensive companion book for all who use the Warnke method in their practice. The manual, delivered in a large A4 folder, describes the test steps of the Warnke test procedure in detail on more than 500 pages. In addition, about 45 different test steps as well as their preparation and follow-up actions are explained, evaluations are described and training recommendations are given. The CDROM included in the scope of delivery contains a comprehensive training center with various tests and pre-recorded instructions - a valuable aid for the test execution.

The manual is supplied as a "loose-leaf collection" and is typically updated every 12-24 months.
[ 2377-Set ] Wippbrett (Set inkl. Anleitung und Zubehör)
195.00 € 195.00 € 195.0 EUR
Motoric training set consisting of:
- Special rocker board, which has no zero point and thus constantly stimulates balance performance, covered with carpet and equipped with an additional carrying bar on the bottom side.
- two soft, inflatable bouncing balls
- a "sleeping mask" for training with closed eyes-
- detailed instructions for conducting various training sessions using the rocker board to promote attention and automation skills
[ 2381 ] Halbwürfel 50x50x25cm
189.20 € 189.20 € 189.20000000000002 EUR
Halbwürfel 50x50x25cm
[ 2379 ] Walze 40x50 cm
169.00 € 169.00 € 169.0 EUR
Stable roller (or roll, geometrically correct: cylinder) on which you can balance sitting, kneeling, standing and walking.
Of course, it can be used for many other motoric applications (ergotherapy, movement rehabilitation, ...).
Can also be used as a stool.
Diameter: 40 cm
height / width: 50 cm
manufacturer: Lüne-Combinato
Lacquered spruce wood with fluffy felt covering, so that the surface is hutschhemmend. For balancing and "walking" on the roll, however, the surface should also be slip-resistant.
[ 8033-SET ] Farbfolien-SET 12x A4 alle Farben gemischt (von Cerium)
150.00 € 150.00 € 150.0 EUR
Farbfolien-Set bestehend aus 12 A4-Einzelfolien in allen von Cerium zur Verfügung stehenden Farbvarianten: Apple, Aqua, Blue, Leaf, Lilac, Magenta, Neutral, Orange, Purple, Rose, Turquoise, Yellow. Für die AUSTESTUNG bitte statt dieses Sets den Teacher's Set wählen, der alle notwendigen Testinstruktionen und -vorlagen enthält.
[ 8024A-SET ] Cross test for the screening test of binocular vision
150.00 € 150.00 € 150.0 EUR
With this hand-held or wall-mounted flat backlit cross test and the corresponding polarization glasses, you can determine the status of your client's binocular vision using a screening procedure.
[ 2382 ] Karussell Durchmesser 35 cm
148.70 € 148.70 € 148.70000000000002 EUR
[ 8029 ] Lang-Stereo-Test II: Binocular test near-field for screening test of binocular vision
134.00 € 134.00 € 134.0 EUR
The Lang-Stereotest II is used to test binocular vision. In addition to three only binocularly visible figures (crescent moon, car, elephant), there is also a monocularly recognizable star with contours on it, which can be recognized by everyone.
[ 6825-V03d ] WWTT 3.x - Test- und Trainingssoftware-Version multilingual (DOWNLOAD)
98.00 € 98.00 € 98.0 EUR
Download version of WWTT 3.x (without data carrier)
Perceptual selectivity test to detect and improve sound discrimination in noise
Recommended accessories: Headset MT-HS-801 (7977)
[ 6825-V03 ] WWTT 3.x - Test- und Trainingssoftware-Version multilingual (CD-ROM)
99.00 € 99.00 € 99.0 EUR
Analysis and training software for perception selectivity / sound differentiation

This article covers the license for ONE language. With the test function of the computer program WWTT, an objective perceptual discriminatory test is possible even at pre-school age. The client hears the six plosive sounds in combination with a vowel (ba, da, ga, ...) in a random order with 10 occurrences each and repeats them as quickly as possible into a microphone. The test leader documents errors via the computer keyboard. Correctness and speed are taken into account in the evaluation.
Already since version 2.0 the abbreviation WWTT as Wedemärker Wahrnehmungs-Trennschärfe-Test rightly carries the addition "and Trainer". The program has an extensive training function, which has been significantly expanded since version 3.1.
[ 2387 ] Jumbo skateboard
81.50 € 81.50 € 81.5 EUR
Promotes dexterity, sense of balance and motor skills
Roller board for indoor use
Ideal for group games, races, balancing and ball games
Loads over 120 kg and is therefore almost indestructible!
Low centre of gravity prevents tilting
Stable multilayer wood Natur lacquered
4 smooth-running, ball-bearing double swivel castors
Abrasion-resistant robust solid rubber tyres
[ S006 ] Wedemärker Lesetest WLT (sinnfreier Lesetest ab Klassenstufe 2)
49.50 € 49.50 € 49.5 EUR
This reading test can be used from grade level 2 on to record the automated letter-to-speech conversion. Age normalizations are available for grades 2, 3 and 4. These are part of the delivery. The test person reads a meaningless text aloud; the tester stops the time and determines the number of reading errors.
[ 2345 ] Quadrigo komplett
49.00 € 49.00 € 49.0 EUR
Viele Kombinationen aus 4 Würfelpaketen!
Quadrigo aus massiven Holzelementen. Mit diesen Würfeln lassen sich 3D-Elemente erstellen. Es gibt ein Anleitungsheft mit einfachen und schwierigen Aufgaben. die Elemente sind ca. 4x4x8cm. Das Heft enthält Abbildungen 1:1. Sehr interessant zum Vergleichen oder Drauflegen. Ein Spiel für Kindergarten, Schule oder Senioren zur Förderung der Wahrnehmenung und des Vorstellungsvermögens.
Inhalt 8 Quadrigos aus massivem Holz.
[ 2373 ] Lying eight
39.90 € 39.90 € 39.9 EUR
The Reclining Eight is suitable for playfully training the coordination and cooperation of the two hemispheres. In the present version, there is a roller track on each side with different depths (and thus different degrees of difficulty). The game comes with a large and a small ball. Training possibilities: improved eye-hand coordination, interaction of the ears and the sense of balance - with eyes closed.
[ 2372 ] Fühlmatz - Säckchensatz als Fühlmemory
36.90 € 36.90 € 36.9 EUR
- Der Fühlmatz besteht aus 12 identischen Stoffsäckchen + fördert die taktile Wahrnehmung
- 12 Säckchen - 6 verschiedene Inhalte Gesamtgewicht: 800g
- zur taktilen Wahrnehmung einfache Spielregeln hoher Aufforderungscharakter
- für logopädische + ergotherapeutische Therapie und für integrative Einrichtungen geeignet
- mit dem Rasselmatz (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten) zusammen spielbar
[ 2380 ] Balancierstab zum Training der Auge-Hand-Koordination
28.00 € 28.00 € 28.0 EUR
Balancing rod (consisting of two elements that can be connected / taken apart). Special light plastic material. Optimal for training eye-hand coordination
[ NN03 ] Vialino Holzspiel
20.20 € 20.20 € 20.2 EUR
32 Vialinos ergeben wunderschöne Muster und interessante Formen.
Beginnend mit Legebildern aus nur 8 Teilen folgen Bilder mit 16 und sogar mit 32 Teilen. Verlässt man den Rahmen, sind der Fantasie keine Grenzen gesetzt.