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[ 8072 ] HEG cover for headband
83.88 € 83.88 € 83.88 EUR
Lightproof material to prevent light from entering during training. Universally suitable for every head shape - easy attachment due to velcro straps. The hood is made of a pleasant and cuddly material. The cover can be easily washed at 30 degrees.
*** Attention: Do not transport folded up, because only when unfolded a possible damage of the lightproof material can be excluded! ***
[ 8012-SET-GB-CD ] Bo and friends - CD+textbook (English version)
45.50 € 45.50 € 45.5 EUR
Bo and friends - six short stories about little Bo and his friends - textbook and corresponding CD recorded in dummyhead stereophony for optimal auditory lateral training.
[ 2326 ] Jabberwocky-CDs
61.62 € 61.62 € 61.620000000000005 EUR
Audio CD set for the textbook "Jabberwocky", which can be used for reading training - especially for lateral training according to Warnke©.
[ 8011E ] CD-Set "Relax with the Classics", Health and Wellness
50.07 € 50.07 € 50.07 EUR
Double CD from the series "Relax with the Classics" - Bach in the morning, Handel in the evening... Ideal for relaxation and concentration enhancement
[ 8337 ] Extension cable special glasses 1m
26.51 € 26.51 € 26.51 EUR
Extension cable special glasses. Binder plug on binder coupling 1m
[ 9111 ] Power supply 12 Volt - 1,5 A according to MPG with EU plug
64.87 € 64.87 € 64.87 EUR
Especially for MediTECH products like Audio4Lab, AUDECOM.
Attention when selling only complete with corresponding adapter (EU, GB, USA-Japan)!
By default the german adapter is on the power supply.
[ 9110 ] LCD shutter glasses distributor (1 to 6)
224.32 € 224.32 € 224.32 EUR
Brillenverteiler (1 auf 6) für LCD-Shutterbrillen zum Lateral-Training mit Binderbuchsen