[ ATBA1-DE ] AUDIO4LAB-DE, Combination solution Lateral Trainer + Central Audiometer PRO
4,025.60 € 4,025.60 € 4025.6 EUR
Combination unit with lateral training and central audiometer modules and WTT-MP3 enabled. Accessories: power supply unit, external control unit. 2x headset, AUDIO cable set, USB cable type A to B, LCD special glasses, MediTOOLS full version, special case.
[ 10930-SET ] AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer und Zentralaudiometer Kombilösung als Kofferset mit Zubehör
3,999.00 € 3,999.00 € 3999.0 EUR
This AlphaTrainer-Set within the AUDIO4LAB multi solutions device offers a highly professional equipment for lateral training with the aim of improving key language, attention and processing skills. The system consists of the AUDIO4LAB - Brain Audiometer Module and the AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer Professional Module, a headset as well as an MT-70 pair of headphones paired with a mikrophone model MT-DS-50 and our special LCD shuttering glasses and a CD-Spieler. Everything is fully set up and connected for you as a portable solution in our special carrying case.
[ 10916-SET ] AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer Kofferset mit Zubehör mit Verteilern
2,222.00 € 2,222.00 € 2222.0 EUR
This professional set for lateral training (alpha training) leaves nothing to be desired. With versatile accessories (headphones, microphone, headset, special LCD glasses, CD player, headphone and microphone distributor and all necessary audio connection cables, this is the optimal equipment for your practice.
[ 10920-SET ] AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer Kofferset mit Headset und Zubehör ohne Verteiler
2,039.90 € 2,039.90 € 2039.9 EUR
Dieser AlphaTrainer-Set im AUDIO4LAB Multifunktionsgerät bietet eine umfassende Ausstattung für das Lateraltraining. Das System besteht aus dem AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer-Modul Professional, zwei Headsets und einer Spezial-LCD-Brille sowie einem CD-Spieler. Das Ganze fertig montiert und konfiguriert aus dem Spezialkoffer.
[ A4L-AT1 ] AlphaTrainer-Set mit Profi-Zubehör
1,939.90 € 1,939.90 € 1939.9 EUR
Alpha-Trainer im AUDIO4LAB: A4L mit Freischaltung Alpha-Trainer-Modul und folgendem PROFI-Zubehör: 2x Headset (Kopfhörer-Mikrofon-Kombination), LCD-Shutterbrille, Spezialkabelsatz zur Audioanbindung an PC und weitere Audiogeräte, fertig montiert im Spezialkoffer mit Kaltgeräteanschluss, Einschließlich Freischaltung WTT-Test in Landessprache *** Zusätzlich empfohlen: Übungsmaterial ***
[ 10910-SET ] AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer Kofferset mit Zubehör ohne Verteiler
1,855.00 € 1,855.00 € 1855.0 EUR
This AlphaTrainer-Set in the AUDIO4LAB multifunctional device offers comprehensive equipment for lateral training. The system consists of the AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer Module Professional, two MT-70 headphones with two MT-DS-50 microphones and special LCD glasses as well as a CD player. The whole thing is completely assembled and configured from the special case.
[ AlphaTH-Set02 ] AlphaTrainer Home Training Set complete incl. training material (CDs and books)
1,679.00 € 1,679.00 € 1679.0 EUR
AlphaTrainer Home Training Set incl. exercise material (consisting of 6 different sets of identical books and (several) CDs). This Alpha-Trainer-Set contains the AUDIO4LAB Lateraltrainer with power supply and USB cable, the necessary cable set including CD player, a headset (headphone-microphone combination), a MT-70 headset, a microphone MT-DS-50, special LCD glasses.
[ FLIC-SET1 ] FLIC-Komplettset zum Englisch-Lernen
1,459.00 € 1,459.00 € 1459.0 EUR
FLIC--Fremdsprachenlernen als Hirnleistungstraining (basierend auf den Erkenntnissen des EU-geförderten FLIC--Forschungsprojekts). Komplettlösung bestehend aus AlphaTrainer mit Headset und FLIC-Kabelset sowie den beiden Software-Modulen für FLIC ENGLISCH.
[ 10080-Basis ] AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer HOME Setlösung
1,180.00 € 1,180.00 € 1180.0 EUR
The home solution for lateral training - easy to use and an intense and powerful training option to enhance reading and writing skills, focus and attention and also brain processing. In the process, you will hear your own voice wandering from ear to ear. On the respective other side you can hear a model voice either from CD / MP3 files or via microphone as an optimal in synchronized reference. Auditory processing and perception can significantly get better - also when applying the unique consonant enhancement option.
This base set includes the AUDIO4LAB-AlphaTrainer unit with its power adapter, a CD player and a special cable set to connect to your computer. We also recommend to add the following components: headphones MT-70, microphones MT-DS-50 and/or the MT-HS-801 headset (a combined headphones-microphones solution), the LCD shutter glasses and corresponding training materials as available in your specific language.
[ A4L-ATP ] AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer Professional (Lateraltrainer Pro)
1,045.00 € 1,045.00 € 1045.0 EUR
Der professionelle Lateraltrainer mit eingebautem Wahrnehmungstrennschärfetest (WTT) und dem Silbentraining in Landessprache (wahlweise deutsch, englisch, französisch oder polnisch). Umfang: Netzteil, Anleitung, Freischaltung AlphaTrainer-Modul nebst WTT-Test und WTT-Silbentraining). Weiteres Zubehör erforderlich.
[ 10907-SET ] AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer HOME (Lateraltrainer)
745.00 € 745.00 € 745.0 EUR
Children and adolescents with impaired neuronal processing and perception often additionally suffer from school problems. Lateral training in speech therapy treats causes, creates security and competence and creates the basis for better school success.
Thanks to lateral training, stroke patients can now learn how to use their mother tongue safely. Disturbances in finding the right word or, for example, a more refined pronunciation can be effectively treated with the Lateral-Trainer.

Additional accessories required:
- Headphones and microphone for the trainee and the companion (also possible as headset/audio set)
- LCD darkening goggles
- CD player and cable set
- exercise material
[ 10020 ] Test set in a case for the Warnke test procedure (learning/attentiveness/hearing comprehension/automation)
699.00 € 699.00 € 699.0 EUR
Test set with the key elements of the Warnke Perception Analysis:
- (Nr. 8) Balancing rod
- (Nr. 9) Grapheme Reading Test (WLT)
- (Nr. 10) Short term memory test
- (Nr. 11a) PDT Phoneme Discrimination Test (vowel consonant vowel words) on CD
- (Nr. 11b) Wedemark Phoneme Selectivity Test WPST (ba-da-ga-ka-pa-ta) - computer programm
- (Nr. 12) Fixation objekt
- (Nr. 13) Lang-Stereo-Test II to analysis binocular vision and polarisation cross test with polarized glasses and backlight cross test solution
- (Nr. 14) visual spelling memory - test instructions

Central auditory processing skills (low-level functions - steps Nr. 1-7b are being assessed using the BASS software solution (screening of 3 functions) or the AUDIO4LAB Brain Audiometer (all 8 functions)
[ 6153 ] Trainingskonfigurator Software für AlphaTrainer Add-on
399.00 € 399.00 € 399.0 EUR
Trainingskonfigurator Software für AlphaTrainer Add-on
[ 6126 ] Content Generator Software für AlphaTrainer Add-On-Modul
399.00 € 399.00 € 399.0 EUR
Content Generator Software für AlphaTrainer Add-On-Modul
[ 10028 ] Lateral training - Required exercise material
399.00 € 399.00 € 399.0 EUR
With the help of this set, children can quickly move from simple to more challenging exercise material, depending on their reading skills and success. The introduction with the meaningless reading texts is recommended for all age groups from the beginning of the 2nd grade upwards. The exercise material includes the following CDs recorded in the special dummy head stereophony and text books with the same words (!) [The approximate reading speed on the CD is indicated in brackets]: (1) Gi-em-out (meaning-free reading text [30-40 words per minute], Bo in the ice (40-50 words per minute), 28 laughing stories (2 CDs + book) [50-60 words per minute], The most beautiful reading lion stories (6 CDs + book) [60-70 words per minute], Tobi, Babsi and Co. (3 CDs + book) [70-80 words per minute]. My friend, the Hifino (2CDs + book) [80-100 words per minute], Jabberwocky - other meaningless reading material (3 CDs + book) [80-100 words per minute]], Children's songs CD, Articulation CD
*** NEW: Also includes reading board for dwarves A3 and story generator (512 billion stories as a blurb) ***
[ 2040-Set ] Wahrnehmungs-Trennschärfe-Set (WTT/WWTT)
350.00 € 350.00 € 350.0 EUR
2 Phoneme discrimination tests set for testing speech comprehension in noise
Consist of:
- Phoneme Discrimination Test (PDT)
- WPDT (Wedemark Phoneme Discrimination Test (computer program)
- MT-HS-801 headset solution
[ 10048-DE ] MP3 - audio files for lateral training incl. books (German language)
329.00 € 329.00 € 329.0 EUR
German language audio files on USB stick:
- Gi em Off (meaningless texts I)
- Bo and his friends
- 28 laughter stories
- Babsi, Tobi & Co.
- Reading Lion Stories
- My friend the Hifino
- Jabberwocky (meaningless texts II)
- Articulation training
- Multi-track thinking
[ 8038 ] Farbfolien-Test "Teacher's Set" von Cerium
299.00 € 299.00 € 299.0 EUR
Mit diesem Farbfolien-Test lässt sich schnell und deutlich ermitteln, ob ein Leser mit einem bestimmten farblichen Hintergrund Schrift leichter und besser lesen kann. Dieser Testset enthält alle dafür erforderlichen Instruktionen, Dokumentationsunterlagen und Auswertungsschritte. Ferner sind alle erforderlichen Farbfolien ZWEIFACH auch für mögliche Folienkombinationen enthalten.
[ 2233-DE ] MP3 - audio files for lateral training on USB stick (german)
289.00 € 289.00 € 289.0 EUR
German-language MP3 audio files contained on stick:
- Gi em Off (meaningless texts I)
- Bo and his friends
- 28 laughter stories
- Babsi, Tobi & Co.
- Reading Lion Stories
- My friend the Hifino
- Jabberwocky (meaningless texts II)
- Articulation Training
- Multi-track training

Additionally recommended: Textbooks for the exercise material (not included in this set).
[ 2217-SET-DE ] Brain-Boy, Orthofix und Trainingsvideo
265.00 € 265.00 € 265.0 EUR
Increase your child's chances of success at school, support your child purposefully for everyday school life and declare a fight against reading and spelling weakness! Our Fit-for-School programme will help you meet these challenges. Set consisting of Brain-Boy, Orthofix and training video.