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[ 2222-DE-SET ] Brain-Boy Universal (BBU) deutsch
324.99 € 324.99 € 324.99 EUR
Device for training currently eight basic functions of speech processing (low-level functions) - these are important for speech understanding and thus ultimately also for good spelling! Variants are available in slowed down by a factor of 2 ("slow version") and in several other languages (especially English, French, Polish...). Please select the respective article with the appropriate user language in the shop. The slow version only makes sense in exceptional cases with particularly pronounced training requirements and very weak initial values. INCL. headphones and instructions!
[ 2226-DE-SET ] Brain-Boy Universal (BBU) (SLOW VERSION) german
349.71 € 349.71 € 349.71 EUR
Device for training currently eight basic functions of speech processing (low-level functions) - these are important for speech understanding and thus ultimately also for good spelling! This training version has been deliberately slowed down by a factor of 2 and is designed above all for people with rather weak starting values in order to guarantee an optimal training. Usually the standard version is the right choice for the training. INCL. headphones and instructions!
[ 6827-Download ] Orthofix - Single user license (download version)
97.51 € 97.51 € 97.51 EUR
Orthofix - License (download version without data carrier) for German or English for training visual spelling. Each language can be easily activated and installed on a single computer. You can download the program conveniently at http://download.meditech.de (Learning Support).

Please note the system requirements for our Windows - happens learning program. You can find them at www.pc.meditech.de under System Requirements -> mediTECH - Learning Programs
[ 10930-SET ] AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer and Central Audiometer Combi Solution as Case Set with Accessories
5,198.69 € 5,198.69 € 5198.6900000000005 EUR
This AlphaTrainer-Set within the AUDIO4LAB multi solutions device offers a highly professional equipment for lateral training with the aim of improving key language, attention and processing skills. The system consists of the AUDIO4LAB - Brain Audiometer Module and the AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer Professional Module, a headset as well as an MT-70 pair of headphones paired with a mikrophone model MT-DS-50 and our special LCD shuttering glasses and a CD-Spieler. Everything is fully set up and connected for you as a portable solution in our special carrying case.
[ 2366-SET-DE ] ALPHA PLUS, Module 1 - 5
258.69 € 258.69 € 258.69 EUR
5 sequential volumes with working materials for targeted training with adults (all in one set).
Module 1: From letter to word
Module 2: Everyday topics
Module 3: Texts for advanced learners
Module 4: Exercises for consolidation
Module 5: Concepts, solutions, flash words
[ 6827-V03 ] Orthofix - Training Program - Single license for ONE language on data carrier
97.51 € 97.51 € 97.51 EUR
Learn visual spelling effectively - now in the third version! Good spellers don't use rules - they have a clear picture of the correct spelling of a word. If, as a good speller, you are not sure how a word is written, write down both variants and "see" which word is the right one.

And if you have to spell it, then your eyes often wander involuntarily upwards and you "see" the word image in front of your mental eye and can spell it from there. With Orthofix you can strengthen and promote exactly this ability.

Orthofix now comprises around 18,000 words per language, is optionally available for English as well as German. Mostly 10 words are trained daily, so that 50 words a week and more than 2,000 words a year can be stored in the visual memory - a basic foundation for secure spelling.

This article includes the license for ONE language..
[ 2217-DE-SET ] Brain-Boy, Orthofix and training video
422.50 € 422.50 € 422.5 EUR
Increase your child's chances of success in school, promote your child in a targeted manner for everyday school life and declare war on dyslexia! Our Fit for School program supports you in these challenges. Set consisting of Brain-Boy, CD Orthofix, CD training video.
*** Regular price: 345€ ***
[ 10020 ] Test set in a case for the Warnke test procedure (learning/attentiveness/hearing comprehension/automation)
908.70 € 908.70 € 908.7 EUR
Test set with the key elements of the Warnke Perception Analysis:
- (Nr. 8) Balancing rod
- (Nr. 9) Grapheme Reading Test (WLT)
- (Nr. 10) Short term memory test
- (Nr. 11a) PDT Phoneme Discrimination Test (vowel consonant vowel words) on CD
- (Nr. 11b) Wedemark Phoneme Selectivity Test WPST (ba-da-ga-ka-pa-ta) - computer programm
- (Nr. 12) Fixation objekt
- (Nr. 13) Lang-Stereo-Test II to analysis binocular vision and polarisation cross test with polarized glasses and backlight cross test solution
- (Nr. 14) visual spelling memory - test instructions

Central auditory processing skills (low-level functions - steps Nr. 1-7b are being assessed using the BASS software solution (screening of 3 functions) or the AUDIO4LAB Brain Audiometer (all 8 functions)
[ 10080-Basis ] AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer HOME Set Solution
1,534.11 € 1,534.11 € 1534.1100000000001 EUR
The home solution for lateral training - easy to use and an intense and powerful training option to enhance reading and writing skills, focus and attention and also brain processing. In the process, you will hear your own voice wandering from ear to ear. On the respective other side you can hear a model voice either from CD / MP3 files or via microphone as an optimal in synchronized reference. Auditory processing and perception can significantly get better - also when applying the unique consonant enhancement option.
This base set includes the AUDIO4LAB-AlphaTrainer unit with its power adapter, a CD player and a special cable set to connect to your computer. We also recommend to add the following components: headphones MT-70, microphones MT-DS-50 and/or the MT-HS-801 headset (a combined headphones-microphones solution), the LCD shutter glasses and corresponding training materials as available in your specific language.
[ 10910-SET ] AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer case set with accessories without distributor
2,411.50 € 2,411.50 € 2411.5 EUR
This AlphaTrainer set in the AUDIO4LAB multifunctional device offers comprehensive equipment for lateral training. The system consists of the AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer module Professional, two MT-70 headphones with two MT-DS-50 microphones and special LCD goggles as well as a CD player, the whole fully assembled and configured from the special case.

Also included is the Warnke perceptual discrimination test (WTT) and the sound discrimination training (Efi-Eki training) based on it in one language (other languages optional).
[ 10916-SET ] AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer case set with accessories with distributors
2,888.61 € 2,888.61 € 2888.61 EUR
This professional set for lateral training (alpha training) leaves nothing to be desired. With versatile accessories (headphones, Profiset AUDIO4LAB-AlphaTrainer for lateral training (alpha training) leaves nothing to be desired. Equipped with versatile accessories (headphones, microphone, headset, special LCD glasses, CD player, headphone and microphone distributor and all necessary audio connection cables, this is the optimal equipment for your practice.

Profiset AUDIO4LAB-AlphaTrainer for lateral training (alpha training) leaves nothing to be desired. Equipped with versatile accessories (headphones, microphone, headset, special LCD glasses, CD player, headphone and microphone distributor and all necessary audio connection cables, this is the optimal equipment for your practice.

Also included is the perceptual discrimination test according to Warnke (WTT) as well as the sound discrimination training (Efi-Eki training) in one language based on this test (other languages optional).
[ 8010 ] CD Player Portable
128.70 € 128.70 € 128.7 EUR
Portable CD player with separate volume control for audio jack, power supply included.
[ A4L-ATP ] AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer Professional (Lateraltrainer Pro)
1,358.50 € 1,358.50 € 1358.5 EUR
AUDIO4LAB with Alpha Trainer PRO module: Most powerful lateral trainer with client management, adjustable consonant refinement, perceptual acuity test of MP3 directly from the device and perceptual acuity training (syllable training) with 400+ different vowel-consonant vowel words. Optionally available in additional languages (besides German currently also English, French and Polish). REQUIRES FURTHER ACCESSORIES such as headphones, microphones, headsets, LCD glasses, CD player and/or MP3 stick as well as matching practice material. This item includes the AUDIO4LAB with Alpha-Trainer-PRO module, power supply and instruction manual for it.
[ 2377-Set ] Rocking board (set incl. instructions and accessories)
292.50 € 292.50 € 292.5 EUR
Motoric training set consisting of:
- Special rocker board, which has no zero point and thus constantly stimulates balance performance, covered with carpet and equipped with an additional carrying bar on the bottom side.
- two soft, inflatable bouncing balls
- a "sleeping mask" for training with closed eyes-
- detailed instructions for conducting various training sessions using the rocker board to promote attention and automation skills
[ 8033-SET ] COLORFOIL SET 12x A4 all colors mixed (from Cerium)
195.01 € 195.01 € 195.01 EUR
Color foil set consisting of 12 A4 single foils in all color variations available from Cerium: Apple, Aqua, Blue, Leaf, Lilac, Magenta, Neutral, Orange, Purple, Rose, Turquoise, Yellow. For TESTING, please choose the Teacher's Set instead of this set, which contains all the necessary test instructions and templates.
[ 2381 ] Half cube 50x50x25cm
245.97 € 245.97 € 245.97 EUR
Half cube 50x50x25cm
[ 2387 ] Jumbo skateboard
105.96 € 105.96 € 105.96000000000001 EUR
Promotes dexterity, sense of balance and motor skills
Roller board for indoor use
Ideal for group games, races, balancing and ball games
Loads over 120 kg and is therefore almost indestructible!
Low centre of gravity prevents tilting
Stable multilayer wood Natur lacquered
4 smooth-running, ball-bearing double swivel castors
Abrasion-resistant robust solid rubber tyres
[ 2382 ] Carousel diameter 35 cm
226.85 € 226.85 € 226.85 EUR
[ 2379 ] Roller 40x50 cm
219.71 € 219.71 € 219.71 EUR
Stable roller (or roll, geometrically correct: cylinder) on which you can balance sitting, kneeling, standing and walking.
Of course, it can be used for many other motoric applications (ergotherapy, movement rehabilitation, ...).
Can also be used as a stool.
Diameter: 40 cm
height / width: 50 cm
manufacturer: Lüne-Combinato
Lacquered spruce wood with fluffy felt covering, so that the surface is hutschhemmend. For balancing and "walking" on the roll, however, the surface should also be slip-resistant.
[ 2386 ] Tail unit to balancing rod
6.50 € 6.50 € 6.5 EUR
Tail unit to balancing rod