[ 2222-DE-SET ] Brain-Boy Universal (BBU) deutsch
199.00 € 199.00 € 199.0 EUR
Device for training currently eight basic functions of speech processing (low-level functions) - these are important for speech understanding and thus ultimately also for good spelling! Variants are available in slowed down by a factor of 2 ("slow version") and in several other languages (especially English, French, Polish...). Please select the respective article with the appropriate user language in the shop. The slow version only makes sense in exceptional cases with particularly pronounced training requirements and very weak initial values. INCL. headphones and instructions!
[ 2222-GB-SET ] Brain-Boy Universal (BBU) English
199.00 € 199.00 € 199.0 EUR
Training device that allows to improve eight key so-called low-level functions. The skills trained with the Brain-Boy are closely related to language and brain processing skills. They include tasks such as processing speed, pitch discrimination, pattern recognition and much more.
[ 2222-FR-SET ] Brain-Boy Universal - Standardversion (französisch)
199.00 € 199.00 € 199.0 EUR
Appareil permettant d'entraîner actuellement huit fonctions de base du traitement de la parole (fonctions de bas niveau) - celles-ci sont importantes pour la compréhension de la parole et donc, en fin de compte, pour une bonne orthographe ! Les variantes sont disponibles dans une version ralentie ("Slow Version"), ralentie par le facteur 2, et dans plusieurs autres langues (notamment en anglais, français, polonais...). Veuillez sélectionner dans la boutique l'article correspondant avec la langue d'utilisation appropriée. La version lente n'est utile que dans des cas exceptionnels avec une exigence de formation particulièrement prononcée et des valeurs initiales très faibles. INCLURE. écouteurs et manuel !
[ 2222-ES-SET ] Brain-Boy Universal (BBU) Spanisch
199.00 € 199.00 € 199.0 EUR
Dispositivo para la formación actualmente ocho funciones básicas de procesamiento del habla (funciones de bajo nivel) - estas son importantes para la comprensión del habla y por lo tanto, en última instancia, para una buena ortografía! Las variantes están disponibles en una versión ralentizada ("Slow Version"), ralentizada por el factor 2, y en varios otros idiomas (especialmente inglés, francés, polaco...). Por favor, seleccione el artículo correspondiente con el idioma de usuario apropiado en la tienda. La versión lenta sólo es útil en casos excepcionales con un requisito de entrenamiento particularmente pronunciado y valores iniciales muy débiles. ¡Incluye auriculares y manual!
[ Texte-D ] Übungsmaterial - Textbücher Lateraltraining (ohne CDs/MP3)
88.00 € 88.00 € 88.0 EUR
German exercise material for lateral, consisting of:
- Gi-em-aus book
- Bo-im-Eis books
- 28 Lachgeschichten book
- Tobi-Babsi-und-Co book
- Die schönsten Leselöwen book
- Hifino book
- Jabberwocky book
[ 6153 ] Trainingskonfigurator Software für AlphaTrainer Add-on
399.00 € 399.00 € 399.0 EUR
Trainingskonfigurator Software für AlphaTrainer Add-on
[ 9048 ] Audio-Verteiler-Box für Lateraltraining
48.00 € 48.00 € 48.0 EUR
Audio-Verteiler-Box für Lateral-Training. Anschluß von 2 Audiogeräten gleichzeitig.
[ 8337 ] Extension cable special glasses 1m
20.40 € 20.40 € 20.400000000000002 EUR
Extension cable special glasses. Binder plug on binder coupling 1m
[ 2386 ] Tail unit to balancing rod
5.00 € 5.00 € 5.0 EUR
Tail unit to balancing rod
[ 2381 ] Halbwürfel 50x50x25cm
189.20 € 189.20 € 189.20000000000002 EUR
Halbwürfel 50x50x25cm
[ 2366-SET-DE ] ALPHA PLUS, Module 1 - 5
199.00 € 199.00 € 199.0 EUR
Alle 5 Module in einem Set.
Modul 1: vom Buchstaben zum Wort
Modul 2: Themen aus dem Alltag
Modul 3:Texte für Fortgeschrittene
Modul 4: Übungen zur Vertiefung
Modul 5: Konzepte, Lösungen, Blitzwörter
[ 2382 ] Karussell Durchmesser 35 cm
148.70 € 148.70 € 148.70000000000002 EUR
[ WTT-DE ] WTT-Silbentrainingspaket für Kinder u. Erwachsene
149.00 € 149.00 € 149.0 EUR
In a child with speech problems, similar sounding pairs of consonants are often mixed up: b-p, d-t, f-w, g-k, d-g. Especially here, attention should be paid to the respective sounds or they should be trained specifically and regularly. This WTT syllable training can now be carried out easily and time-saving with the Audio4LAB. Available in 4 languages: German, English, French, Polish. This package offers German.
[ 8033M ] Farbfolie A4 "Magenta" von Cerium
15.00 € 15.00 € 15.0 EUR
Farbfolie A4 in "Magenta"
[ 8033LI ] Farbfolie A4 "Lilac" (Lila) von Cerium
15.00 € 15.00 € 15.0 EUR
Farbfolie A4 in "Lilac" (lila)
[ 8033O ] Farbfolie A4 "Orange" von Cerium
15.00 € 15.00 € 15.0 EUR
Farbfolie A4 "Orange"
[ 8033Y ] Farbfolie A4 "Yellow" (Gelb) von Cerium
15.00 € 15.00 € 15.0 EUR
Übungsfolien DIN A4
[ 2377-Set ] Wippbrett (Set inkl. Anleitung und Zubehör)
195.00 € 195.00 € 195.0 EUR
Motoric training set consisting of:
- Special rocker board, which has no zero point and thus constantly stimulates balance performance, covered with carpet and equipped with an additional carrying bar on the bottom side.
- two soft, inflatable bouncing balls
- a "sleeping mask" for training with closed eyes-
- detailed instructions for conducting various training sessions using the rocker board to promote attention and automation skills
[ 2217-SET-DE ] Brain-Boy, Orthofix und Trainingsvideo
265.00 € 265.00 € 265.0 EUR
Increase your child's chances of success at school, support your child purposefully for everyday school life and declare a fight against reading and spelling weakness! Our Fit-for-School programme will help you meet these challenges. Set consisting of Brain-Boy, Orthofix and training video.
[ 10930-SET ] AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer und Zentralaudiometer Kombilösung als Kofferset mit Zubehör
3,999.00 € 3,999.00 € 3999.0 EUR
This AlphaTrainer-Set within the AUDIO4LAB multi solutions device offers a highly professional equipment for lateral training with the aim of improving key language, attention and processing skills. The system consists of the AUDIO4LAB - Brain Audiometer Module and the AUDIO4LAB - AlphaTrainer Professional Module, a headset as well as an MT-70 pair of headphones paired with a mikrophone model MT-DS-50 and our special LCD shuttering glasses and a CD-Spieler. Everything is fully set up and connected for you as a portable solution in our special carrying case.