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[ 8647 ] Tele-Infiniti CF - Radio transmission module
1,434.00 € 1,434.00 € 1434.0 EUR
Tele-Infiniti CF is a telemetry option for ProComp5 Infiniti, ProComp Infiniti and FlexComp Infiniti encoders. Using Tele-Infiniti CF eliminates the need for a fiber optic cable connection between the computer and the encoder.
[ 18991 ] Sensor Isolator
1,188.00 € 1,188.00 € 1188.0 EUR
With the Sensor Isolator you can transfer the data of up to 4 sensors (EEG, EMG, Temp, SC, respiration...) to an external data acquisition system.
ATTENTION, please specify: Connection with Pigtail Interface Cable OR Interface BNC Cable.
[ 8579 ] Voltage Isolator for integration of third-party sensors
771.61 € 771.61 € 771.61 EUR
Voltage Isolator: Enables integration of third-party sensors with Infinit encoders and BioGraph Infiniti software. The sensors must provide a signal within +/- 2000 mV (partial ranges are sufficient). This signal is then transferred from the encoder to the BioGraph Infiniti software for further processing with the wide range of on-screen instruments and calculation options. This is an extremely useful accessory, especially for research institutions, for integrating additional signals and sensors.
[ 8565 ] TT-USB interface adaptor for ProComp systems
834.00 € 834.00 € 834.0 EUR
USB interface adapter for Infiniti encoders. Set consists of the TT-USB-Adapter, a USB connection cable and a fibre optic cable (7 m).