[ 8568 ] FlexComp Infiniti - System
6,999.00 € 6,999.00 € 6999.0 EUR
The top model in the Infiniti product line: 10 freely assignable fast channels, ideal not only for multi-sensor EMG applications and research/analysis projects
[ 8570 ] ProComp INFINITI (8-channel system)
4,450.00 € 4,450.00 € 4450.0 EUR
The ProComp Infiniti is an eight channel system for highly flexible measurement of physiological data and corresponding biofeedback. The Infiniti system includes the BioGraph Infiniti software and is extremely flexible and powerful... Every single one of the eight channels can be used with any given available sensor. The system i.e. works with 8x EMG or also eight diffferent sensors - easily.
[ NF-HEG1 ] LF entry system P2 + HEG system
4,174.80 € 4,174.80 € 4174.8 EUR
Entry level neurofeedback system consisting of a ProComp-2 including TT-USB adapter, BioGraph Infiniti software platform, HEG sensor solution and HEG software suite
[ 8713 ] ProComp5 (5-channel system) in blue equipment bag
3,464.00 € 3,464.00 € 3464.0 EUR
The ProComp5 fills the gap between the 8-channel ProComp and the 2-channel ProComp2. All combine the power and flexibility required for any computer-assisted real-time biofeedback application and data transmission in clinical and therapeutic sessions.
The five available channel inputs on the ProComp5 are identical to the first five channels of the ProComp Infiniti. The first two sensor channels offer a high sampling rate to easily display EEG, (surface) EMG, ECG and HR/BVP as raw data and also allow for example FFT analysis. The remaining three channels acquire data at a lower sampling rate to detect slower signals such as respiration, temperature, force or motion.
[ T9850US ] Myotrac Infiniti with BioGraph and rehabilitation suite
2,516.70 € 2,516.70 € 2516.7000000000003 EUR
MyoTrac Infiniti was developed to help you with muscle recovery, rehabilitation and incontinence.
With MyoTrac Infiniti systems, you can measure high-resolution electromyography (SEMG) and electrical stimulation (STIM) in a variety of configurations. The MyoTrac Infiniti differs from the competition in two different ways. SEMG-triggered stimulation (ETS). SEMG is used to trigger stimulation to help patients improve muscle groups. This combination of three modalities improves treatment options and eliminates the need for multiple devices.
[ 9975 ] eVu TPS Biofeedbacksystem + Synergy Solution Suite
2,499.00 € 2,499.00 € 2499.0 EUR
Die Synergy-Lösung verwendet die eVu TPS-Fingersensoren, um auf die Herzfrequenzvariabilität, die Erregung und die Temperatur jedes Benutzers zuzugreifen. Von dort aus können wir sehen, wie sie sich fühlen, ob sie sich engagieren und wie wir ihnen am besten helfen können.
[ TPS-BI-Set ] 3-Kanal-Biofeedbacksystem Bluetooth TPS-BioGraph
1,999.00 € 1,999.00 € 1999.0 EUR
Wireless biofeedback system with three integrated sensors: Skin conductance, temperature and pulse can be derived quickly and easily via the Bluetooth sensor TPS eVU-Sense and used with the professional BioGraph Infiniti software and the specially developed DeStress-Solution software module for analysis and biofeedback. The optimal entry-level system for biofeedback training: highly professional technology and software in one package at an incredibly low entry price.
[ 8564 ] ProComp2 (2 channel system) in grey jewelcase
1,999.00 € 1,999.00 € 1999.0 EUR
The ProComp2 is a compact yet powerful two-channel system for biofeedback and neurofeedback. Up to two sensors can always be connected to the ProComp2 encoder. The following physiologies can be derived: EMG, respiration, pulse, skin conductance, temperature, HEG, EEG, EEG-Z (optional: additional sensors required). The ProComp2 has a built-in EEG sensor.
[ 8877 ] Voltage Isolator 4 Infiniti
856.80 € 856.80 € 856.8000000000001 EUR
The Voltage Isolator 4 allows synchronous recording of measurement data that is not recorded by one of Thought Technology's sensors. Examples could be the intensity of audio signals (e.g. gastrointestinal sounds). With the Voltage Isolator 4, Thought Technology’s systems to be safely interfaced with analog outputs of line-powered systems, such as computers with DAC cards, isokinetic dynamometers (such as Biodex System), or force platforms.
[ 8575 ] Myotrac 1, single-channel EMG device (T4001P)
695.00 € 695.00 € 695.0 EUR
Single-channel EMG training system with acoustic feedback.
- T4000 MytoTrac Electromyograph Hardware
- (1) MyoScan 3 snap sensor head with 57 1/2 inch lead
- Earphones
- Users manual (English)
[ 8580 ] U-Control, device for incontinence treatment
530.00 € 530.00 € 530.0 EUR
U-Control is an easy-to-use, battery-powered unit for biofeedback pelvic muscle training. Patients see their progress on an LED scale and receive simple audio feedback. Additional Required: Rectal/Vaginal Sensors
[ 8870 ] Rating-Box Sensor, Neu
469.00 € 469.00 € 469.0 EUR
The Rating Box Sensor enables the direct input of subjective perceptions and decisions when collecting physiological data. Thus yes/no questions can be answered or moods (e.g. fear or well-being feeling on a scale of 0-10...) can be recorded live parallel to the measured physiological parameters (such as skin conductance, pulse, EMG, HEG, EEG, ...). This sensor can be recognized as "any sensor" in the Infiniti system and used with any of the existing encoders.
[ 8814 ] Rating Box Sensor
280.00 € 280.00 € 280.0 EUR
The Rating Box Sensor allows you to directly accumulate subjective perceptions and decisions of a client while measuring his physiological data. For example, Yes-/No questions may be answered using the sensor or current emotions (i.e.. feelings of anxiety or joy can be defined on a scale of your choosing (0-10, -5 to +5,...) - all done in parallel to assessing the physiological data (such as skin conductance, pulse, EMG, HEG, EEG, ...). This sensor can be recognized as "any sensor" within the Infiniti system and can connect to any of the existing Infiniti encoders. A channel set and sample screens are included.
[ 9171 ] VIBSTER
335.30 € 335.30 € 335.3 EUR
Tactile feedback in biofeedback and / or neurofeedback training.
Can be used as a supplement or instead of visual or acoustic feedback.
Small device that can be attached to the body or even to cuddly toys or other objects, for example with Velcro tape. It is connected to a socket on the TT-USB adapter and can be integrated into any training screen that can be used with Biograph.
When the desired training condition is met, the device starts to vibrate. In this way muscle relaxation, sufficient depth of breath, heart rate control or similar can be rewarded or excessive tension can be gently indicated tactilely.
Ideal for use as additional or alternative feedback, e.g. for blind or hearing impaired persons.
Also suitable for children whose cuddly toy should vibrate when sufficiently relaxed.
The intensity of the vibration can be changed with a rotary control.