[ 9171 ] VIBSTER
335.30 € 335.30 € 335.3 EUR
Tactile feedback in biofeedback and / or neurofeedback training.
Can be used as a supplement or instead of visual or acoustic feedback.
Small device that can be attached to the body or even to cuddly toys or other objects, for example with Velcro tape. It is connected to a socket on the TT-USB adapter and can be integrated into any training screen that can be used with Biograph.
When the desired training condition is met, the device starts to vibrate. In this way muscle relaxation, sufficient depth of breath, heart rate control or similar can be rewarded or excessive tension can be gently indicated tactilely.
Ideal for use as additional or alternative feedback, e.g. for blind or hearing impaired persons.
Also suitable for children whose cuddly toy should vibrate when sufficiently relaxed.
The intensity of the vibration can be changed with a rotary control.
[ 8706 ] Rectal electrode St.-Cloud with stim option
85.70 € 85.70 € 85.7 EUR
The St-Cloud electrodes are used in the rectum to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles. The electrode used to record the muscles is an EMG electrode. The surface EMG electrode can also be used instead of the vaginal or rectal electrode to detect pelvic floor muscle activity.
[ 8975 ] Sync cable to connect 2 Infiniti systems via USB
80.00 € 80.00 € 80.0 EUR
Sync cable to connect 2 Infiniti systems via USB
[ 8662-SET ] Goniometry set
7,050.00 € 7,050.00 € 7050.0 EUR
Goniometry set for the acquisition of angle changes, consisting of:
1 pc. sensor finger F35
1 pc. sensor elbow SG110
1 pc. sensor wrist gr.
1 pc. sensor hip & knee SG150
2 pcs. goniometric sensor adapter
[ 8516 ] Blue bag for Infiniti system(s)
79.00 € 79.00 € 79.0 EUR
Blue fabric bag with foam interior. Inserts can be taken out of this bag and equipped with system, sensors and accessories.
[ 8787 ] 3-ST3-P triple electrode pre-gelled (triode) - 100 pc
90.00 € 90.00 € 90.0 EUR
These electrodes are used for quick placement during EMG measurements (with EMG sensor). They are triodes, i.e. electrodes with three conduction points, which can be positioned easily and quickly with a single adhesive bond. Contents: 100 pieces (divided into 5 packs of 20 pieces)
ATTENTION: Order 5 packages at once and get 5% discount on all packages (or 2 packages -2%, 3 packages -3%, 4 packages -4%)
[ 8546 ] Styrofoam head
21.00 € 21.00 € 21.0 EUR
Training model for electrode placement.
[ 8537 ] Measuring tape 1,5 m length
6.60 € 6.60 € 6.6000000000000005 EUR
For positioning the electrodes
[ 8621 ] Anschlusskabel für Brücken- u. Ohrelektroden 130 cm
23.30 € 23.30 € 23.3 EUR
Anschlußkabel für Brücken- u. Ohrelektroden 2mm isol.Stecker /DIN für EEG55/5600-130cm
[ 8718 ] Sensor-Cable extra long (244cm)
92.00 € 92.00 € 92.0 EUR
Sensor-Cable extra long (244cm)
[ 8611 ] Elektrodengel Ten20-EEG-Paste (228g) von Weaver
19.90 € 19.90 € 19.900000000000002 EUR
The Ten20 paste offers a high-quality fastening solution for EEG electrodes using the cup electrode system. It adheres well, dries out slowly and is easily washable. Supplied in a 228g tin or alternatively two 114g tubes (depending on availability).
[ 8545 ] NuPrep skin preparation gel 114 g (skin preparation) for EEG recordings
16.90 € 16.90 € 16.9 EUR
The main preparation gel NuPrep is a medium-grained gel solution for the pre-treatment of the skin surface, including before EEG discharges. Experience has shown that the product is also suitable for sensitive skin. It is used to reduce the skin resistance and to enable a better derivation of electrical potentials, for example in EEG recordings or ECG examinations. (single tube of 114 g)
[ 9184-SET ] HEG forehead pads (set with 5 pieces)
32.50 € 32.50 € 32.5 EUR
Replacement set with 5 pieces: The soft cushion is being mounted as a non-permanent cover on the front side of the HEG sensor. It significantly facilitates the level of comfort while being in use for the client. Please take note of the manufacturer recommendation to replace this cover every 1-2 weeks. Please also note the hygiene recommendations of your HEG system.
[ 8513 ] Unigel electrodes (100 pc) for EKG- and EMG applications
90.00 € 90.00 € 90.0 EUR
Self-adhesive, pre-gelled disposable electrodes for ECG and EMG leads. Especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Scope of delivery: 100 pcs.
Deflector core: 1 cm, gelled area approx. 1.8 cm diameter. Dimensions: drop shape - 4.5 cm length, approx. 3.6 cm width.
[ 8742 ] EEG Gold Cup Cable Blue
29.00 € 29.00 € 29.0 EUR
EEG Gold Cup Cable Blue
[ 8778 ] EEG leads set 2 channels mono/bipolar [SINTER system completely]
1,744.70 € 1,744.70 € 1744.7 EUR
This is a complete lead set for 1 and 2 channel EEG leads with BioGraph Infiniti, suitable for all ProComp encoders. It includes: 2x EEG-Z sensors with integrated impedance check mode, 2x PP-to-DIN connection cable, 2x ear electrodes, 4x sintered bridge electrodes, 6x EEG-DIN connection cables (50cm long), 2x Y-cable, 1x X-cable (for linked ear connections), 0-rings with guide rod for changing the disposable cotton pads, 1 package of electrode covers (consumables), 1x special Velcro cover for elegant electrode placement for any head size

[ 8584 ] EMG/EKG Extender cable (long version: 100 cm)
85.00 € 85.00 € 85.0 EUR
EMG/ECG extender cable (long version: 100 cm) for EMG or ECG measurements, cable includes three click-connectors
[ 8523 ] EEG-Extenderkabel (PP to DIN), 21cm
80.00 € 80.00 € 80.0 EUR
Connection cable for EEG leads for connection between sensor and DIN connection cables. Three poles in the colours blue (+), yellow (-) and black (ground)
[ 8759-SET ] Wrist lead for ECG sensor (2 straps, connecting cable, clips)
85.70 € 85.70 € 85.7 EUR
This add-on solution for ECG sensors allows to pick up the ECG signal at the wrists. It consists of two flexible wristbands, 6 clips and an ECG cable to connect to the ECG sensor.