[ 8505B ] Respiration-Sensor Type B
349.00 € 349.00 € 349.0 EUR
This respiration belt can easily be used with the impressive Procomp-Infiniti system. The sensor can either be placed to measure Thorax or Abdominal breathing. Two sensors allow to cover both abdominal and thorax respiration
[ 8679-SET ] SCP-Set für BioGraph Infiniti (inkl. Sensoren + SCP-Suite deutsch)
1,942.40 € 1,942.40 € 1942.4 EUR
SET solution for performing SCP derivations and training with BioGraph Infiniti. Requires ProComp5/ProComp Infiniti encoder. This set consists of 1x EEG-Z3 sensor, 1x TT-AV-Sync sensor for exact time synchronization, 1x pushbutton, TTL-SCP-Suite (German). Additional accessories are required for SCP leads, which can be purchased separately (ProComp encoder, EEG-Z sensor for detecting eye movements and other components). We would be pleased to advise you.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
[ 9182-DE ] SCP-Suite "Slow Cortical Potentials" (TTL) - DEUTSCH
350.00 € 350.00 € 350.0 EUR
Deutschsprachige Software-Erweiterung für BioGraph Infiniti zur Anwendung von SCP-Training mit ProComp 5 oder ProComp Infiniti System. Erfordert zusätzlich das SCP-Sensorenpaket.
[ 9182-GB ] SCP-Suite für ProComp5/ProComp Infiniti (Slow Cortical Potentials) TTL - ENGLISCH
350.00 € 350.00 € 350.0 EUR
Software package for ProComp5/ProComp Infiniti for the implementation of a sophisticated SCP-based neurofeedback training. This software package comprises several training protocols that build on each other and has been developed very closely on the basis of the SCP research results of the University of Tübingen, publications by Ute Strehl.
[ 8541 ] Sammelpackung Wattestäbchen groß
6.50 € 6.50 € 6.5 EUR
50 Stück Kunststoffstab mit gr. Wattekopf.
[ 8540 ] Sammelpackung Wattestäbchen klein
6.00 € 6.00 € 6.0 EUR
100 Stück Holzstäbchen mit kl. Wattekopf.
[ 18991 ] Sensor Isolator
990.00 € 990.00 € 990.0 EUR
Mit dem Sensor Isolator können Sie die Daten von bis zu 4 Sensoren (EEG, EMG, Temp, SC, Atmung..) in ein externes Datenerfassungssystem übertragen.

ACHTUNG, bitte angeben: Verbindung mit Pigtail Interface Kabel ODER Interface BNC Kabel.
[ 8634 ] Sensor-Ersatzkabel - Standard
71.40 € 71.40 € 71.4 EUR
cable connecting sensor and ProComp system
[ 8632 ] Setting up for clinical success Suite
198.00 € 198.00 € 198.0 EUR
Diese Suite ist das Ergebnis jahrelanger Erfahrung in den Bereichen Ausbildung, klinische Arbeit und wissenschaftliche Forschung unter der Leitung von Lynda und Michael Thompson. Die Bandbreiten, Bewertungsmethoden und Feedback-Methoden bei der Einrichtung für den klinischen Erfolg wurden sorgfältig ausgewählt, um die Effizienz zu maximieren. Über siebzig (70) Bildschirme sind für das Infiniti-Programm enthalten; ihre Konfigurationen entsprechen den Trainingszielen und koppeln sie mit den gängigsten Bandbreiten und Biofeedback-Modalitäten, die für das Training einer Vielzahl von Störungen verwendet werden. Diese Suite kann Ihnen helfen, Ihr Trainingsprogramm schnell, einfach und erfolgreich zu starten!
[ 8528 ] Sinter-Brückenelektrode für EEG-Ableitungen
34.20 € 34.20 € 34.2 EUR
High-quality, sintered 10 mm Ø electrode, silver screw cylinder coated with plastic, axial and transverse hole for connecting a 2 mm spring cotter pin. The electrode is screwed into a plastic bridge and can be adjusted in height by turning it. It has a beige plastic bridge with two tube grooves and a rigid, curved stand bracket. The electrode is supplied with a cover.
[ 8503 ] Skin Conductance Sensor SC Flex/Pro
349.00 € 349.00 € 349.0 EUR
This sensor allows to measure and monitor Skin Conductance, primarily useful during stress analysis as well as relexation training and beyond.
[ 8519-Group ] Spezial-PC-System Biofeedback-Gruppenlösung
4,500.00 € 4,500.00 € 4500.0 EUR
This specially configured PC system enables you to conduct a biofeedback training with up to four people at the same time with a single biofeedback device and to accompany it competently and reliably. Each patient receives his own biofeedback monitor and centrally controlled audio feedback via headphones. The treating / accompanying specialist has all four trainers and their development / values on the own control monitor at any time in view and can intervene regulatingly and individually whenever necessary. (exclusive biofeedback system and sensors)
[ 8999 ] Stress Control Suite (TTL) für P2
298.00 € 298.00 € 298.0 EUR
The Stress Control Suite is a set of simple tools, which are designed to help you do biofeedback therapy with your clients even if you have little or no experience with biofeedback. The tools in this suite will help you assess your client’s physiological responses to stressful situations and become aware of any abnormal patterns when they recuperate from stress.

[ 8546 ] Styroporkopf
21.00 € 21.00 € 21.0 EUR
Trainingsmodell zur Elektrodenplatzierung.
[ 8672 ] Sue Wilson Optimizing Performance&HealthSuite(BFE)
198.00 € 198.00 € 198.0 EUR
This suite is designed for professionals, educators and researchers who want to use biofeedback with athletes, executives and other peak performers. This limited edition suite supports techniques developed by Dr. Vietta “Sue” Wilson throughout her career and her years spent training elite and Olympic athletes. The software suite includes:

Three Specialized Psychophysiological Profile Assessment Protocols - long/full assessment, short assessment and eyes closed/eyes open baseline assessment.
Automated Excel report allows for easy interpretation of assessment data and implementation of the training protocol.
Training screens categorized according to modalities, that are quick to initiate and structured to move from simple tasks to complex training goals.
Suite documents include technical and clinical information provided directly from Dr. Wilson's practice.
Note: ProComp2 encoder edition of suite only contains training screens & short assessment with excel report; there is no long assessment. It also is the only encoder edition of the suite meant to be used for on-court data monitoring.

Languages: software suite and documentation are in English
[ 9170 ] Switch Sensor Cable für ProComp2
71.40 € 71.40 € 71.4 EUR
Cable for sensor change / impedance check with ProComp 2