[ 8565 ] TT-USB interface adaptor for ProComp systems
806.20 € 806.20 € 806.2 EUR
USB interface adapter for Infiniti encoders. Set consists of the TT-USB-Adapter, a USB connection cable and a fibre optic cable (7 m).
[ 8717A-SET ] HEG sensor for elegant neurofeedback using NIRS technology
1,728.40 € 1,728.40 € 1728.4 EUR
HEG-based Neurofeedback is the easy and convincing way of neurofeedback. No site preparations, immediate sensor placement and launching the session are spot-on. Artefacts are also rare in HEG - which saves time usually spent on artefacting in EEG based neurofeedback. Clients usually understand particularly swiftly what they are supposed in this training setup. System consists of a sensor that works with any Infiniti encoder and comes with a free software package for one encoder of choice.
[ 8534 ] Blood Volume Pressur Sensor BVP Flex/Pro
404.84 € 404.84 € 404.84000000000003 EUR
Special Sensor with photo potical lense to measure the pulse signal / blood volume pulse. Sensor solution for Procomp encoders / to be used with BioGraph Infiniti.
[ 9976 ] Synergy Suite + BioGraph Infinti
1,738.84 € 1,738.84 € 1738.8400000000001 EUR
Synergy software package with BioGraph Infiniti license for use with currently two TPS sensors e.g. for group therapy / parallel treatment of two clients. Records skin conductance, temperature, heart rate/heart rate variability and can also record respiration.
[ 9171 ] VIBSTER
388.95 € 388.95 € 388.95 EUR
Tactile feedback in biofeedback and / or neurofeedback training.
Can be used as a supplement or instead of visual or acoustic feedback.
Small device that can be attached to the body or even to cuddly toys or other objects, for example with Velcro tape. It is connected to a socket on the TT-USB adapter and can be integrated into any training screen that can be used with Biograph.
When the desired training condition is met, the device starts to vibrate. In this way muscle relaxation, sufficient depth of breath, heart rate control or similar can be rewarded or excessive tension can be gently indicated tactilely.
Ideal for use as additional or alternative feedback, e.g. for blind or hearing impaired persons.
Also suitable for children whose cuddly toy should vibrate when sufficiently relaxed.
The intensity of the vibration can be changed with a rotary control.
[ 8870 ] Rating-Box Sensor, Neu
544.04 € 544.04 € 544.04 EUR
The Rating Box Sensor enables the direct input of subjective perceptions and decisions when collecting physiological data. Thus yes/no questions can be answered or moods (e.g. fear or well-being feeling on a scale of 0-10...) can be recorded live parallel to the measured physiological parameters (such as skin conductance, pulse, EMG, HEG, EEG, ...). This sensor can be recognized as "any sensor" in the Infiniti system and used with any of the existing encoders.
[ 8706 ] Rectal electrode St.-Cloud with stim option
99.41 € 99.41 € 99.41 EUR
The St-Cloud electrodes are used in the rectum to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles. The electrode used to record the muscles is an EMG electrode. The surface EMG electrode can also be used instead of the vaginal or rectal electrode to detect pelvic floor muscle activity.
[ 8975 ] Sync cable to connect 2 Infiniti systems via USB
92.80 € 92.80 € 92.8 EUR
Sync cable to connect 2 Infiniti systems via USB
[ 8579 ] Voltage Isolator
745.88 € 745.88 € 745.88 EUR
Voltage Isolator: Enables integration of third-party sensors with Infinit encoders and BioGraph Infiniti software. The sensors must provide a signal within +/- 2000 mV (partial ranges are sufficient). This signal is then transferred from the encoder to the BioGraph Infiniti software for further processing with the wide range of on-screen instruments and calculation options. This is an extremely useful accessory, especially for research institutions, for integrating additional signals and sensors.
[ 8573-SET ] Force Measurement Force Basic Package
2,900.00 € 2,900.00 € 2900.0 EUR
Force measurement basic package for measuring contact pressure force with different sensitivity, consisting of:
2 pcs. force sensor adapter
6 pcs. measuring strips (0-1 lb, 0-25 lb, 0-100 lb), each 2-fold
[ 8648-SET ] Torsiometry Set
3,016.00 € 3,016.00 € 3016.0 EUR
Torsiometry set for the acquisition of rotary movements, consisting of:
- 1 pc. sensor forearm Q110
- 1 pc. sensor forearm Q150
- 1 pc. Bend-Adapter
[ 8662-SET ] Goniometry set
8,178.00 € 8,178.00 € 8178.0 EUR
Goniometry set for the acquisition of angle changes, consisting of:
1 pc. sensor finger F35
1 pc. sensor elbow SG110
1 pc. sensor wrist gr.
1 pc. sensor hip & knee SG150
2 pcs. goniometric sensor adapter
[ 8847 ] SCP-Suite "Slow cortical potentials" (BFE) für BI6.x (English)
406.00 € 406.00 € 406.0 EUR
The suite is a perfect starting point for users who want to combine evoked potential and slow cortical potential (SCP) measurements with biofeedback and neurofeedback.
It is based on extensive studies under the direction of the University of Tübingen in Germany. There the effects of self-regulation of slow cortical potentials in children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders were investigated.
The researchers believe that "slow cortical potentials are slow event-dependent standing DC shifts of the electroencephalogram. Slow shifts of the cortical potential in the electrical negative direction reflect the depolarization of the large cortical cells and reduce their excitation threshold.
This training aims to regulate the cortical excitation thresholds, which are considered to be prevented in children with attention deficit or with "hyperactivity".
[ 8877 ] Voltage Isolator 4 Infiniti
993.89 € 993.89 € 993.89 EUR
The Voltage Isolator 4 allows synchronous recording of measurement data that is not recorded by one of Thought Technology's sensors. Examples could be the intensity of audio signals (e.g. gastrointestinal sounds). With the Voltage Isolator 4, Thought Technology’s systems to be safely interfaced with analog outputs of line-powered systems, such as computers with DAC cards, isokinetic dynamometers (such as Biodex System), or force platforms.
[ 8862 ] SEMG Assessment & Training Techniques Suite (BFE)
229.68 € 229.68 € 229.68 EUR
Physiotherapists and medical professionals who want to learn the basics and practical use of surface electromyography (SEMG) for rehabilitation can use this software for diagnosis and in-depth training techniques. They are based on the practical methods and clinical work of the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic.
[ 8672 ] Sue Wilson Optimizing Performance&HealthSuite(BFE)
229.68 € 229.68 € 229.68 EUR
This suite is designed for professionals, educators and researchers who want to use biofeedback with athletes, executives and other peak performers. This limited edition suite supports techniques developed by Dr. Vietta “Sue” Wilson throughout her career and her years spent training elite and Olympic athletes. The software suite includes:

Three Specialized Psychophysiological Profile Assessment Protocols - long/full assessment, short assessment and eyes closed/eyes open baseline assessment.
Automated Excel report allows for easy interpretation of assessment data and implementation of the training protocol.
Training screens categorized according to modalities, that are quick to initiate and structured to move from simple tasks to complex training goals.
Suite documents include technical and clinical information provided directly from Dr. Wilson's practice.
Note: ProComp2 encoder edition of suite only contains training screens & short assessment with excel report; there is no long assessment. It also is the only encoder edition of the suite meant to be used for on-court data monitoring.

Languages: software suite and documentation are in English
[ 8580 ] U-Control, device for incontinence treatment
614.80 € 614.80 € 614.8000000000001 EUR
U-Control is an easy-to-use, battery-powered unit for biofeedback pelvic muscle training. Patients see their progress on an LED scale and receive simple audio feedback. Additional Required: Rectal/Vaginal Sensors
[ 8984 ] Z-Score-6-Suite Biograph Softw. 6.x oder höher
462.84 € 462.84 € 462.84000000000003 EUR
This Z-Score 6 Suite will allow the user to perform z-score assessment and training with in two ways: using the z-score value itself, or using a metric, called the z-score index, which is indicative of the state of a group of z-scores.