[ 2523-Set ] MediBalance Pro Profi Set multilingual
4,175.00 € 4,175.00 € 4175.0 EUR
Balance analysis and training system - extremely light and mobile posturography platform with multiple training options and a high scope of motivation for clients to participate. Includes the new feedback games SAVE THE SWEETS. OPTIONALLY AVAILABLE: Integration of ZUKOR AIR (high-performance 3D feedback game, in which the client controls flying objects by shifting his balance on the platform.
[ 8052 ] ZUKOR SPORTS I feedback game for BioGraph Infiniti and MediBalance-Pro
585.00 € 585.00 € 585.0 EUR
ZUKOR SPORTS I offers a total of 10 different sports as feedback, with two from the same discipline with different tasks (e.g. goal scoring in football and ballacrobatics). Basketball, ice hockey, football, baseball and basketball are currently included.
[ 8045 ] ZUKOR Carnival Feedback game for BioGraph Infiniti and MediBalance-Pro
585.00 € 585.00 € 585.0 EUR
ZUKOR Carnival is a feedback game of high quality which is particularly suitable for children and teenagers. With a selection of about 10 different carnival attractions (retro versus modern) it offers versatile and entertaining short training episodes for motivating and effective biofeedback training.
[ 8044 ] ZUKOR Air 3D feedback game for BioGraph Infiniti and MediBalance-Pro
585.00 € 585.00 € 585.0 EUR
ZUKOR AIR is a high quality / high performance 3D feedback game that is suitable for children, youth and adults alike. Offering a choice of about 50 different flying objects and several backgrounds / environments it offers a divers and attractive scenario for motivating and effective biofeedback / neuroeedback / balance training.
[ 11007 ] MediBalance Pro service / maintenance contract
312.00 € 312.00 € 312.0 EUR
Includes software updates, telephone and online support, as well as annual maintenance and calibration of your system including calibration certificate. The calibration is carried out in our company (after you send in the device). If desired, we will provide a replacement system in the meantime. The agreement is subject to an annual progression of a maximum of +5%; it is valid for 12 months at a time and is automatically renewed if it is not cancelled in writing at least six weeks before the end of the period. The agreement also includes updates of the software, which you can download automatically (Updates). New program modules (upgrades) can be purchased - often at special conditions - when they are released.
[ 2525-License ] Collect sweets - exercise extension for MediBalance PRO
299.00 € 299.00 € 299.0 EUR
Activation of the two 3D training games "Collect sweets with 12 difficulty levels each. Highly attractive software solutions for balance training. Requires current installed MediBalancePRO software.
[ 2506 ] MediBalance Pro additional cushion (blue)
119.00 € 119.00 € 119.0 EUR
Serves to increase the degree of difficulty
[ 2519 ] Support frame foldable for MediBalance Pro
89.00 € 89.00 € 89.0 EUR
For clients who are prone to dizziness and falls, the height-adjustable support frame helps to provide support during MediBalance exercises.