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[ 2523-Set ] MediBalance PRO balance system professional set [multilingual].
5,427.49 € 5,427.49 € 5427.49 EUR
Balance analysis and training system - extremely light and mobile posturography platform with multiple training options and a high scope of motivation for clients to participate. Includes the new feedback games SAVE THE SWEETS. OPTIONALLY AVAILABLE: Integration of ZUKOR AIR (high-performance 3D feedback game, in which the client controls flying objects by shifting his balance on the platform.
[ 2542-SET ] MediBalance Pro, Sports Edition multi lingual [non-medical]
5,427.77 € 5,427.77 € 5427.77 EUR
The MediBalance Pro Sport Edition improves balance, coordination, stabilization and concentration. Using a plurality of customizable training screens, the MediBalance Pro offers targeted options to promote unobtrusive and safe stance behavior. These include the control of variable sectors adjustable in size and distance. Optionally, a return to the center point can be specified between each controlled sector.
In addition to a differentiated analysis function for stance behavior, the platform offers a variety of scalable training options with feedback option. The conclusion of a maintenance agreement for full update security and software functionality is strongly recommended.
[ 2524-FREIGABE ] MediBalance Pro software network license
1,027.01 € 1,027.01 € 1027.01 EUR
Network license for the use and evaluation of MediBalance PRO data within a LAN (local area networks).
A network license is required once for each board integrated in the network.
For the secured further operation of the network solution, the separate conclusion of a network server agreement is strongly recommended (support, software update, adaptation in case of changes of the (Windows) server platform software.
[ 11007 ] MediBalance Pro service | maintenance contract
469.56 € 469.56 € 469.56 EUR
[11007] Service/maintenance contract MediBalance Pro includes, among other things, software updates, telephone and online support as well as the annual maintenance and calibration of your system including calibration certificate. Calibration takes place at our premises (after you send in the device). If requested, we will provide a replacement system in the meantime. The agreement is automatically renewed for another year if not cancelled in due time. The agreement is subject to a maximum annual progression of +5% and will be automatically extended for a further 12 months if it is not terminated in writing at least 6 weeks before expiry. The further exact scope of services results for you from the detailed service description.

With an active service contract, you have access to a significantly expanded range of functions of the MediBalance PRO software!
[ 2506 ] MediBalance Pro additional cushion (blue)
154.70 € 154.70 € 154.70000000000002 EUR
Serves to increase the degree of difficulty
[ 2519 ] Support frame foldable for MediBalance Pro
115.70 € 115.70 € 115.7 EUR
For clients who are prone to dizziness and falls, the height-adjustable support frame helps to provide support during MediBalance exercises.
[ 2525-License ] Collect sweets - exercise extension for MediBalance PRO
388.70 € 388.70 € 388.7 EUR
Activation of the two 3D training games "Collect sweets with 12 difficulty levels each. Highly attractive software solutions for balance training. Requires current installed MediBalancePRO software.
[ 8044 ] ZUKOR Air 3D feedback game for BioGraph Infiniti and MediBalance-Pro
702.00 € 702.00 € 702.0 EUR
ZUKOR AIR is a high quality / high performance 3D feedback game that is suitable for children, youth and adults alike. Offering a choice of about 50 different flying objects and several backgrounds / environments it offers a divers and attractive scenario for motivating and effective biofeedback / neuroeedback / balance training.