Odoo – Beispiel 1 für drei Spalten

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Odoo – Beispiel 3 für drei Spalten

Ausgezeichnete Forschung & Entwicklung

Solutions for perception, attention and language competence

Since 1996 we have been conducting research and are engeneering solutions for both analysis and training to help people at (almost) any age to improve in key skills related to perception, attention and language competence. In close cooperation with our research partners we invent and create solutions for testing and training that are relevant, effective and intuitive to use. You can find an overview of our range of services here.

Treat stress successfully - also possible as accompanied online training at home!


TPS + Destress
for professional guided relaxation training and stress management

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Our main topics are:

MediTECH - our company building in the Hannover region

Wir bilden aus!

Industriekaufleute und Elektroniker für Geräte und Systeme sind gleich zwei primäre Berufe, die wir seit vielen Jahren im Unternehmen kompetent, 
mit viel Herz und Erfolg ausbilden. Ausbildung ist uns wichtig - auch weil wir uns damit der Förderung von qualifizierten Nachwuchskräften widmen. Lesen Sie hier mehr dazu ...

Zertifiziert nach DIN ISO-13485

Profesional quality assurance is an immanent part of our company's self-concept and understanding. Since 1999 we have established and maintained our certified quality assurance system. For many years we have been certified according to ISO 13485 (medical devices) and ISO 9001 (industry standards) and continue to improve our system and our performance still.

Wir sind gern 
für Sie da!


No matter if we had the pleasure of meeting personally yet or not: We will take care of your request or inquiry full heartedly. Please don't hesitate to contact us, send us an E-Mail or call you for a free consultation upon your request.

We assume responsibility!

The world we live in, our environment is essential. As a company, we assume responsibilty and act accordingly in many ways: With a new 30.000-Watts photovoltaics system we now produce about 60% of our annual power requirements ourselves - as clean and eco-friendly as can be.