Hearing aids or hearing training or both?

You read about hearing training all the time and I am often asked if and how hearing training can help. Well, for this you have to understand that hearing aids and hearing training are two sides of the same coin. Hearing training strengthens the ability to correctly perceive and classify the signals that arrive in the auditory centers. Hearing aids enable the damaged ear to deliver as many signals as possible to the auditory centers.
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Hearing aids or hearing training or both?
BÜRGIN HÖRERLEBNIS - Hören & Verstehen

So we have to distinguish between sound reception and the processing of these signals in the auditory centers in the brain. I always tell my clients that the brain, and thus the hearing ability, is already trained by processing the signals that are amplified by hearing aids. If you support this with structured exercises, this can be quite helpful.

Now, there are also people who, without measurable hearing loss, express problems understanding in acoustically difficult situations, such as a restaurant, family gathering, theater intermission, etc.

These people often suffer from AVWS (Auditory Processing and Perception Disorder). Each person has their limits and there are situations where no one understands the other. To get around this, everyone gets louder and the situation becomes even more complicated.


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Hearing aids or hearing training or both?
BÜRGIN HÖRERLEBNIS - Hören & Verstehen February 11, 2021
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