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54. Advanced training event for ENT physicians 

30. Oktober bis 2. November 2024

Hearing comprehension and training, central hearing ability in young and old, posturography, non-drug tinnitus treatment ... - just some of the buzzwords you will want to know about at our MediTECH booth.

  • Hearing aids are usually fitted several years too late ... and in many cases this is because those affected do not notice and ignore the gradual hearing loss. To help patients ease the fitting time with a hearing system and bring back the fun of hearing, the Hearing Fitness APP offers simple options. Get to know them live and in color. 
  • Training for vertigo and gait and stance insecurity is becoming increasingly important - not only in view of the ever-growing population of the 60PLUS generation. 
  • The number of patients suffering from chronic tinnitus is increasing ... as is the desire for therapy options without taking or administering medication. 

Experience these and other procedures from the MediTECH range - we look forward to seeing you at our booth in Mannheim.


Congress Center Rosengarten 
Rosengartenplatz 2
68161 Mannheim