ZUKOR Feedback Games

The quality of feedback solutions that you are provide during biofeedback and neurofeedback sessions is essential for your client's longterm motivation and hence for the overalll training success. The combination of high quality ZUKOR feedback games and the newly created mega suite with 32 clinically valuable training screens for 19 different treatments for BioGraph Infiniti / ProComp Infiniti offer the training solutions you and your clients are seeking. This is today's level of high quality and high performance biofeedback and neurofeedback training:

Zum Infokanal

Odoo - Beispiel 2 für drei Säulen


Attractive and relaxing air travel with more than 100 different levels and flying objects. We provide additional training screens for BioGraph INFINITI.

Odoo - Beispiel 2 für drei Säulen

ZUKOR Multimedia 

Provides the trainer with the opportunity to respond more specifically to the client's skills and needs.

Odoo - Beispiel 3 für drei Säulen


Skateboarding with different characters and many adjustment possibilities. With the program we deliver additional training screens for BioGraph INFINITI.

Odoo - Beispiel 1 für drei Säulen


With attractions from the hustle and bustle and amusement park, biofeedback training can be made more varied - there's a player in every client ...

Odoo - Beispiel 2 für drei Säulen


With a total of ten different games, this application offers access to the sports sector: football, basketball, ice hockey, baseball and football are each available in two different applications and many setting options for your special biofeedback and neurofeedback training.

Odoo - Beispiel 3 für drei Säulen


Zukor's Drive standard "Clinical Version” offers a solo or dual drive modes, plus an unique doppelgänger option in which the patient competes against their own past performance. It includes 15 diverse vehicles and 5 high-quality tracks.

Zukor's Drive “Peak Performance Upgrade” features additional more intense driving modes (chase, race and others), more chaotic tracks and more extreme vehicles. It can also be used to add variety to Clinical Version.



Zukor INFINITI training screens

With more than 30 professionally designed training screens, ZUKOR's 3D games train your patient to concentrate, tighten and relax muscles, control his brainwaves and his pulse rate - and he won't notice a thing about the training. Screens are available for 18 subject areas to start ZUKOR training.