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Intelligent learning, playful promotion

School success for our children - isn't that what all parents want? For children with learning problems or dyslexia, they do almost everything - usually with only moderate success. Regular spelling learning is of little use in everyday life if, for example, individual sounds such as d and g cannot be reliably distinguished, especially in noisy classroom environments.

The solution: Train important basic skills playfully with the Brain-Boy. Switch faster, understand better: Intelligent brain performance training can promote decisive skills for the confident use of language. In this way you can set the stage for confident understanding, successful learning and better reading and writing.

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Spelling training made easy.

Good spellers do not use rules, they rather rely on their inner word picture. To be honest: If you, as a good speller, are not sure how a word is written, write down both variants and "see" which spelling is the right one. In this way you will have a clear inner picture of each word and its individual letters.
But what about people who do not have this possibility? They are constantly trying to reach their goal with substitute strategies. But they do not become really good spellers, despite often excessive practice.Good spellers do not use rules. Why should weak spellers learn them? Orthofix® offers the right way out. Through the combined hearing and vision training, you will develop a secure spelling - letter by letter.
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Strengthen language, listening comprehension, learning

Language takes place in the left and right hemisphere of the brain. In order to understand quickly and confidently, the two must work together in the best possible way. Lateral training promotes the networking of the two hemispheres of the brain. Hearing information and the own voice change constantly from ear to ear via headphones, i.e. from one hemisphere of the brain to the other.

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Our Fit-for-School-Program

How do you support your child target-oriented in their everyday school life? While the Brain-Boy trains the important basic skills for accurate perception and listening comprehension, the Orthofix program enables visual spelling - a crucial prerequisite for correct spelling. With these two tools, you can take our Fit-for-School program home right away - and support your child in a fun and targeted way. 
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Targeted improvement of learning skills

This is our very own field of work and research: since the beginning of the 1990s, we have been developing solutions that make school and learning success easier - for children, young people and adults alike. In studies we have repeatedly been able to demonstrate the positive effects of the Warnke method (some of the publications / references can be found in the research section of this website. A reference list of the publications can be requested by e-mail).
In a research study at the Medical University of Hanover, the spelling competence of children with reading difficulties improved by an average of 42.6 percent in just a few months, with the standardised spelling test DRT-3 serving as a reference. In another research project using brain mapping, the fMRI showed significant neural changes in the brain of functionally illiterate children after training with key elements of the Warnke method.
Our focus is not on conventional practice methods, where trainees practice skills they are not confident in, such as writing, reading or attention. We go deeper and identify which basic skills need to be improved and work directly on them to create a better foundation for more complex skills and abilities. Through the intelligent use of technology, our goal is to provide compelling brain training that can really help improve learning, concentration and attention. Both the research studies and the continuous feedback from our professional users in the educational and medical sectors show that we are on the right track. The continuous development with national and international partners drives us to develop additional and even more advanced solutions for you - we work on this every day.


Kinder beim Training mit dem Brain-Boy.

The test protocol

First of all, a test of important brain functions enables the naming of concrete training recommendations. With this procedure we can test important brain functions (low-level functions) that are crucial for learning success. These include rapid acoustic and visual processing, spatial hearing, pitch discrimination, sound discrimination in quiet and noisy environments; but visual and motor skills are also assessed and put into an age comparison. This then results in a specific training recommendation, which in our experience allows for quick and noticeable improvements in most cases.

Training solutions

The three key solutions of this approach are:

  1. Low-level training of important brain functions (such as processing speed, pitch discrimination, pattern recognition and much More) with the Brain-Boy or the Audio-Trainer AT-3000.

  2. Visual spelling with the computer program Orthofixto develop a solid inner image of the words and their specific letter sequence.

  3. Lateral-Training to improve the interhemispheric coordination of the brain and the central hearing processing

You can find more information about these solutions in our webshop; or contact us for an individual (online) presentation. We will be happy to advise you accordingly - please contact us so that we can provide you with the best possible support and advice.

Warnke-Lernförderung mit Mutter und Kind live - macht Freude.