Biofeedback related to brain activity by means of EEG, SCP/EP and HEG

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback describes a form of biofeedback that strictly addresses brain related feedback training. Professionals distinguish EEG (Elektroenzephalography = measuring electric brain activity), EP/SCP (Evoked Potentials / Slow Cortical Potentials) and finally HEG (Hemoenzephalography = NIRS Near-Infrarot-Measurements to detect changes in blood flow levels and corresponding oxigenation within a particular area of the brain (preferably in the prefrontal cortex). While EEG based neurofeedback often proves to be artefact prone, HEG-Neurofeedback offers a quick, elegant and easy to comprehend form of neurofeedback for specific treatment / training aspects.

Neurofeedback (EEG-Biofeedback) is a well recognized computer based therapy model for neuronal regulation. The overall aim is to change the brain by means of neuronal self regulation from one state into a better specific state of the brain. Neurofeedback measures brain activity and feedbacks them in forms of graphics, animations or even highly professional computer games like the ZUKOR applications. Stimulated by acoustic and/or visual feedback and rewards the client learns to reduce unwanted behavioral patterns and to replace them by better models. In difference to standard mental or medicational treatments neurofeedback allows to inhibit or to increase specific brain activities as needed / desired.

If you have little experience with EEG based neurofeedback or find that it is to artefact prone, we recommend for you to look into HEG neurofeedback as an alternative / addition to EEG based treatment.

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Nervenzelle Neurofeedback

Einsatzgebiete und Anwendungsbereiche

Messmethoden Neurofeedback

Area of Application

application Combined training of multiple parameters 

Alpha-Training, HEG-Training
Peak Performance 
Alpha-Beta-Training, HEG-Training 
Alpha-Training, Alpha-Theta-Training 
Alpha-Training, HEG-Training
Beta-Theta-Training, SMR-Training, HEG-Training

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