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66. International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians(EUHA)

14. bis 16. Oktober 2024

This year we will also be presenting products related to hearing analysis, therapy and training. 

  • Be it the hearing training app that allows end users to improve their hearing and core listening skills. ... for better listening comprehension in everyday life. Offer your customers an innovative training option directly on their smartphone or tablet (Hörfitness)
  • Be it a possibility to switch between up to three hearing systems in comparison at the push of a button, thus impressively demonstrating the differences and advantages of the devices to the client and thus performing a time-efficient part of the comparative hearing fitting. (AUDECOM).
  • Be it the professional hearing analysis of eight basal and central auditory functions: Clock frequency of the auditory system, pitch discrimination, directional hearing, frequency patterns and others. (BASS)

Let us surprise you and immerse you in the different topics of central listening. 

Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch auf unseren Stand zu Hörfitness und mehr.


Hannover Messe 
Messegelände Hannover 
30521 Hannover