[ 10561-V3 ] Dikablis Glasses 3, Kabellösung, Eyetracking (V2018+)

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The Dikablis Eye Tracking Glasses enable binocular eye tracking with high measurement accuracy and standardized characteristic value calculation - even for spectacle wearers. They thus offer the ideal basis for investigating human behavior in highly dynamic areas of application. Connect our head-mounted eye tracker to the D-Lab measurement and analysis platform to record and analyze eye data in a variety of ways.


The futuristic design, the versatile adjustment possibilities and the transmission of all available data in raw format make the Dikablis Eye Tracking Glasses a highly precise measuring instrument for eye studies in research and development practice.

- Fully integrated into the D-Lab measurement and analysis platform
- NEW: ICA - Index of Cognitive Activity to measure cognitive strain- Comfortable, non-slip seat
- Absolute freedom of movement for highly dynamic applications
- Ideally suited for spectacle wearers
- Individual adjustment of field and eye cameras
- Live Eye Tracking

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