AUDECOM - the ideal way of presenting different hearing aids in just 3 minutes


AUDECOM - The smart hearing comparison

Hearing instrument fitting is often a lengthy process and is often accompanied by misunderstanding and skepticism. You may have encountered the following situations more than once in your professional practice:

  • Hearing systems are still not fully positively received by customers: Glasses are a sign of intellect, hearing systems symbolize age.

  • Acousticians often find it difficult to communicate to clients the differences between different degrees of hearing instrument quality that are actually tangible to them. Describing and highlighting the advantages of higher-priced systems in particular is often perceived as too promotional and unpleasant.

  • In its classical form, comparative adjustment involves considerable risks and inaccuracies..

  • How many customers suspect that they are being cheated when choosing a hearing system and that in case of doubt they will be sold the more expensive version out of business interest??

How often did you noticeably or at least mentally nod at this enumeration?

The solution:

The AUDECOM offers a remedy that allows you to change the comparative hearing instrument fitting in a simple, objectively-oriented way and thus make your work more effective and smoother:

  • An intelligent, software-supported customer dialogue leads through the adaptation and to the faster decision of the performance class desired by the customer.

  • Your monitor displays manufacturer- and product-related information on the hearing instruments you have connected. Your customers can see for themselves what benefits each system offers them and document their favorites.

  • The customer immediately hears the difference between up to three hearing aid types live - all he has to do is change between the hearing aids at the push of a button.

  • He can thus decide more clearly what is of use to him and give the acoustician clear guidelines.

  • The customer - AND NOT THE ACOUSTICIAN- switches between the models and thus recognizes more quickly which hearing situation he really prefers.

  • Audio examples are pre-selected and enable the perception, weighting and evaluation of quality differences in noise suppression, speech reproduction, music reproduction or directional characteristics, for example.

  • On this basis, the client and the acoustician usually decide in a single session which of the comparison systems will actually be worn and which will be adapted step by step in the best possible way.

AUDECOM - the mobile experience listening studio for the acoustician

Offer your customers more opportunities to safely tap into the added benefits of different hearing systems and experience them first hand.

This is what the AUDECOM system offers you:

Odoo CMS - a big picture
  • Software that clearly and convincingly conveys the respective product benefits for your customers.

  • Examples from the everyday life of the client.

  • Switch between hearing situations with up to three hearing instruments at the touch of a button.

  • Realistic hearing impression - the customer hears in comparison how he will hear with his new hearing system in certain situations.

  • Switchable videos on the use and benefits of the hearing system.

  • Separate expert and customer views.

  • The client view provides information about the hearing system - in a language that is appropriate for the client.

  • The expert view provides the acoustician with additional information, for example on technical features, and at the touch of a button shows expert tips from the manufacturer on how to handle and advise the hearing systems.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

AUDECOM - software


Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

schematic diagram