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How to connect the AUDIO4LAB with the computer?

How do I connect the AUDIO4LAB system, be it as a lateral trainer or as a brain audiometer solution, to my computer and interface it using the MediTOOLS-Software platform?

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Admin MediTECH
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This is how to connect the AUDIO4LAB with MediTOOLS - step-by-step:

  1. Turn on your AUDIO4LAB and go into the module of choice (AlphaTrainer for you at the moment as you have not bought the Brain-Audiometer module yet). Stay on the main menu in that module

  2. Connect your USB-cable between computer and AUDIO4LAB.

  3. Start MediTOOLs.

  4. Click on the AUDIO4LAB button in MediTOOLs to launch the interface.

  5. Take notice of the warning message on your computer screen as to not press any buttons on your AUDIO4LAB while connected to MediTOOLs.

  6. Use the options within the interface, i.e. transfer clients either way.

  7. Close the interface window when done.

  8. Your AUDIO4LAB will automatically reboot

  9. Disconnect your AUDIO4LAB cable.

  10. Done.

Find the latest MediTOOLS-Version in the download section of our website.