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How to overcome problems with spatial hearing

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Dear mr. Warnke,

My client has very much difficulties with ‘bearing/localisation’.

She always hears the sound on the left side. We already checked the settings of the hearing aids but this can not be the problem. Do you have any suggestions how to make the exercise better for this client?

Thank you.

With kind regards,
Met vriendelijke groeten,


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Admin MediTECH

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Admin MediTECH
An 08.03.17 00:10

Dear Mrs. Delaruelle, thank you for your message.

>My client has very much difficulties with ‘bearing/localisation’.
>She always hears the sound on the left side.
>We already checked the settings of the hearing aids but this can not be the problem
. >Do you have any suggestions how to make the exercise better for this client?

If the client perceives all signals from the left, there can be two possible explanations: 1) The audio signal is perceived significantly louder on the left ear. 2) The client has very poor spatial hearing The approach would be the following: You increase the volume for the right ear in the AT-3000 / the AUDIO4LAB by 2-3 steps and see if you start getting answers from the right. If not, you again increase the right side by another 2 steps – until your client perceives items also from the right. If it changes to “right side only” you decrease the volume ever so much until it your client’s answers are somewhat balanced out. Using the AUDIO4LAB you can also start with SLOWER signals, either by making two incorrect answers right after starting or by defining a slower starting value in the TEST or TRAINING option (not in the NORMTEST, there it is not available).

Make sure that your client uses the lights and keeps the buttons pressed for 2-3 seconds after each answer he gives so that every new signal is truly conciously perceived and processed by him. If your client follows the light indication, he will then get better and better scores – initially thanks to the lights. Then see how performance without lights – BUT STILL SLOWED DOWN!!! – works for your client. If necessary, take the unit away from him and PRESS THE BUTTONS for him to make things easier. It is important that your client develops an inner image of the spatial 3D impression. Please let me know how this works out for you. Happy to assist further as needed.

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