[ 9019 ] Special case for AUDIO4LAB with integrated power socket
199.00 € 199.00 € 199.0 EUR
Special case for integration of AUDIO4LAB with accessories. Dimensions: 500x400x150mm.
Equipped with integrated cold appliance socket and attached multiple socket
[ SD-MP3-DE ] MP3 Audiodateien PL-Version (Set für SD-Karte) (Kopie)
329.00 € 329.00 € 329.0 EUR
MP3-Dateien deutsch als Übungsmaterial zum Lateraltraining (auf interner SD-Karte)
[ SD-MP3-DE_o ] MP3 Audiodateien DE-Version (Set für SD-Karte) (Kopie)
289.00 € 289.00 € 289.0 EUR
MP3-Audiodateien integriert auf interner SD-Karte Ihres Audio4LAB: Gi-em-aus, Bo-im-Eis, Tobi-Babsi-und-Co, Die schönsten Leselöwengeschichten, Mein-Freund-der-Hifino, Jabberwocki
[ 10055 ] Externe Steuereinheit zum AUDIO4LAB
345.00 € 345.00 € 345.0 EUR
Add-on component for AUDIO4LAB device, mandatory i.e. for Brain Audiometer module
[ ATBA1-DE ] AUDIO4LAB-DE, Combination solution Lateral Trainer + Central Audiometer PRO
4,025.60 € 4,025.60 € 4025.6 EUR
Combination unit with lateral training and central audiometer modules and WTT-MP3 enabled. Accessories: power supply unit, external control unit. 2x headset, AUDIO cable set, USB cable type A to B, LCD special glasses, MediTOOLS full version, special case.
[ 10018-SET ] AUDIO4LAB mit Zentralaudiometer-Modul (inkl. Kopfhörer/USB-Kabel und MediTOOLs Auswertungs- und Berichtssoftware)
2,480.00 € 2,480.00 € 2480.0 EUR
Central Brain Audiometer solution for therapists / paedogigical institutues to assess and train key brain functions such as processing speed, spatial hearing, pitch discrimination, pattern recognition and more. System additionally includes the phoneme discrimination test (PDT) in noise as an integrated MP3 solution.
Scope of delivery: AUDIO4LAB-Brain-Audiometer, Control interface, MT-70 headphones, USB-cable [prod. id 8748], MediTOOLs software license.
[ 10903 ] AUDIO4LAB Activation Central Audiometer Professional
980.00 € 980.00 € 980.0 EUR
Pure activation, requires correspondingly existing AUDIO4LAB device. Additionally required (to be ordered / supplied separately).
Includes eight low-level functions and the perceptual selectivity test.
[ 10901 ] AUDIO4LAB Activation AlphaTrainer Professional
845.00 € 845.00 € 845.0 EUR
License for AlphaTrainer Professional module for AUDIO4LAB inluding PDT and WPST in one language of choice (standard, if not otherwise indicated, the local language of the client)