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The ProComp5 Infiniti™ offers an inbetween solution within our biofeedback systems family: Our 8 channel ProComp Infiniti™ or the 10 channel FlexComp Infiniti™ on the one side and the 2 channel ProComp2™ system as a starting solution.

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The new ProComp 5 is a five-channel decoder for multiple biofeedback derivatives. The Infiniti system is extremely flexible and powerful. Developed by Canada's world leader Thought Technology, the Infiniti system offers a strong price/performance ratio and also meets demanding requirements for modern biofeedback and neurofeedback in practice and research.

The first two channels offer highly professional signal pickup with 2048 samples per second. The raw EEG signal, EMG and ECG signals can be derived via these channels. The remaining three channels (256 samples/second) can be used for any sensor. This includes EEG, ECG, RMS, EMG, skin resistance, heart rate, blood volume pressure, respiration, force and tension.

The ProComp5 provides the full range of physiological signals for biofeedback purposes.

In a modern ergonomically shaped housing with USB connection, the ProComp5 can be used with any IBM-compatible notebook or PC. The ProComp5 captures data in real time with direct connection to the PC via fiber optic cable. Alternatively, data can be stored in the instrument's Compact Flash memory for later transfer to the PC.

The ProComp5 is supplied with the instrument:
- 14 bit resolution, five-channel ProComp5 device
- 4 Alkaline AA batteries
- Padded nylon bag (custom-made)

In addition to the fiber-optic connection, which is recommended because of its extremely high transmission reliability, there is also the option of radio transmission. However, this is only indicated in rare cases, e.g. during very movement intensive training.

For the professional ProComp5 you receive the Biograph INFINITI software developed by Thought Technology itself. This sophisticated and at the same time extremely easy to use program with over 100 different training screens enables almost any test and training constellation in the field of biofeedback and neurofeedback.

In cooperation with the Biofeedback Foundation of Europe, new application packages for the Infiniti system are constantly being developed that can be easily integrated into the BioGraph Infiniti software. These include tailor-made software solutions for tinnitus, back pain, ADD, HEG training according to Hershel Toomin, muscle relaxation according to Jakobsen and numerous other application areas.

In addition to your ProComp 5, you can purchase a maintenance contract with a rental option.

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