Detailed analysis of central hearing functions

Testing with Central Audiometer and BASS 1.0 / 2.0

Sound hearing training is characterised by the fact that it initially records central hearing functions and thus the status of listening comprehension in a way that can be evaluated. The hörFit procedure checks the following important central hearing functions:

Key functions and description

Time processing
Important for the reliable differentiation of short sounds like b-d-f-g-k-p-t-w 
Directional hearing
Significant for the filtering of useful sound from interference sound 
Pitch discrimination To distinguish between vowels and to decipher the speech melody 
Acoustic bilateral patterns  For the reliable interaction of the two halves of the brain 
Auditory Choice Reaction Time  Quickly and reliably (even in noise) recognize and distinguish sounds 
Frequency Pattern Recognition  Important for differentiating the speech melody 
Duration Pattern Recognition Important for deciphering the rhythm of speech 
Phoneme Discrimination in words Recognize and distinguish sounds in the word reliably 

The necessary test steps are performed with the central audiometer (brain audiometer).

AUDIO4LAB mit Headset

Central Audiometer AUDIO4LAB-ZA


BASS 1.0 Short screening test

BASS 2.0 - Brain Audiometer Screening Solution

Reliable recording and evaluation of central auditory functions

BASS 2.0 is an extremely easy to use and elegant software platform for capturing key functions of the central hearing functions and a rating of the performance of the tested person. Each partial test takes 2-3 minutes. The system provides easy-to-understand video explanations of each test step. An automated evaluation takes place immediately afterwards, which can be discussed live with the tested person.

After testing, a comprehensive report can be generated via the system. The test steps are explained in terms of their significance for speech and listening comprehension and classified for the person being tested. The measured hearing age is ejected - and the further the measured value moves away from the ideal value, the greater the resulting training potential. BASS professionally and convincingly conveys the importance of central hearing functions and also enables you to record and document the training progress and age development of your clients.

Odoo – Beispiel 1 für drei Spalten

Bass 2.0

Systematically record and evaluate 7 central auditory functions in a smart software solution.

Odoo – Beispiel 2 für drei Spalten

Main screen BASS

Intuitive user guidance with easy-to-understand explanations for testers and clients.

Odoo – Beispiel 3 für drei Spalten

explanatory videos 

For each BASS function, a catchy and client-friendly video conveys the task.

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BASS 2.0 (EN) Product information


BASS 2.0 (EN) Product information


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