Orthofix 3 - the smart spelling training

20 years of experience put together in a single software solution

The new Orthofix 3 briefly explained – in 2 minutes...  

Good spellers don't use rules - they have a clear picture of the correct spelling of a word. If, as a good speller, you are not sure how a word is written, then write down both variants and "see" which word is the right one.

And if you should spell it, then your eyes often move up involuntarily and you "see" the word image in front of your mind's eye and can spell it safely from there. It is precisely this ability that you can strengthen and promote with Orthofix.

Orthofix now comprises around 18,000 words per language and is available in German and optionally in English. Mostly 10 words are trained daily, so that 50 words a week and more than 2,000 words a year can be stored in the visual memory - a basic foundation for secure spelling. The video below will give you a deeper insight into the program:

The new Orthofix 3 briefly explains in 2 minutes...
Orthofix - visuelles Buchstabieren per Computer trainieren

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My Brain-Boy



Our Fit for School Program

How do you support your child in a targeted way for everyday school life? While the Orthofix program specifically enables visual spelling - a crucial prerequisite for secure spelling - the Brain-Boy trains important basic skills for secure perception and listening comprehension. With these two tools, you can bring our Fit-for-the-School program straight home - and support your child playfully and purposefully.  

Brain-Boy - Präsentation durch Ralph Warnke

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