Brain-Boy - smart and playful learning enhancement

Success and happiness in school and beyond - truly a core hope and dream for most parents. To help their children to improve and succeed in reading, writing and overall learning, parents do everything in their power to make it happen. Particularly children with dyslexia or learning problems often benefit too little from too much effort. But also good students can perform better when utilizing elements from the Warnke method.

Intensive learning efforts only help so much. It starts with the (often lacking) ability to actually distinguish all audible phonemes, particularly in a noisy school environment. If a child cannot discriminate the sound of "d" or "g" - how are they to establish a reliable brain model of each of these phonemes and connect it to the corresponding letters? If they mainly guess rather than detect key phonemes, how are they to develop exact visual images of all the words they are learning?

The solution: Playfully train and improve essential brain processing skills using the Brain-Boy. Process faster, understand better: This smart and playful brain training can improve key functions for language processing, possibly laying the foundation for faster comprehension, successful learning and better reading and writing scores.

Brain-Boy fördert Schulerfolg durch intelligentes Gehirntraining

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What is a Brain-Boy?

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Normative data for children 5-12 years old



Our Fit-For-School program

How do you best help your child to excel in school? While your new Brain-Boy can help to train and improve essential brain processing skills for better perception and language processing, the computer program ORTHOFIX allows to develop and establish a solid visual memory. Visual memory is one of the key factors for good and automatic spelling skills. You can use both tools (Brain-Boy and Orthofix) conveniently at home - supporting your child in a targetted and still playful fashion.

Orthofix trainiert Wortbilder für sichere Rechtschreibung. (Warnke-Verfahren)

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